The express printer runs gracefully and rhythmically, "spitting" with delight nearly one hundred copies of Dafa literature every minute. Whenever I am peaceful and tranquil in my mind, the express printer is such a good fit in these surroundings.

Downstairs, several young, male hired thugs "from other towns" hang out on the street, staring at the mailboxes and looking around. I find it interesting: right here under their noses, thousands of experience-sharing and truth-telling materials are being sent out to flow into the hands of disciples and everyday people. In other dimensions, they are like the salvos of bombshells that will completely eliminate the evil interfering with the Fa.

Due to the carelessness of a fellow practitioner, my phone was exposed. It happened when he used my home phone to call the cell phone of another practitioner. The other practitioner--who it was later confirmed was taken into custody at that moment and is still detained--answered, "Hang up! I'm with the Public Security!"

Based on previous cases like this, fellow practitioners all believed that this incident had put me into an "unsafe zone." Consistent with their typical reactions, they "suggested" that I go into "hiding" for a period of time. These cases, however, are part of the persecution against Dafa that have been recognized and planned by old forces. They occur around us almost every minute.

Indeed, in their vicious arrangement to persecute Dafa, the old forces imposed upon this cosmos many false principles that do not belong here. Their arrangement also included forcing imperceptible but warped notions deep into our minds. As a result, those thoughts have dictated behavior on our part that provided opportunities for the old forces to persecute Dafa. If we are unable to realize this in our minds, the evil will come in--through the slightest loophole--and amplify our impurities in order to interfere with our Fa-rectification process.

Faced with this situation, my mind was not disturbed. I remained peaceful and tranquil, as if it had nothing to do with me. I didn't bear in my mind the false logic and misconceptions of what I must do which had been imposed by the old forces. At the 2001 Canada Experience-Sharing Conference, Master said, "So whichever realm you have cultivated to, the composition of your being at the microscopic level is connected to that realm. When you cultivate to higher levels you are connected to higher levels and sever the connections to all levels below. That's the relationship."

As Dafa particles, not only should our understanding of every issue be exceptional, but also we should view everything righteously from the perspective of renewed beings in Dafa, transcending the boundaries of time and dimension imposed by the old forces. Setting aside all self-interest and using the purest mind to safeguard the essence of the cosmos-- the Fa that has spawned every being--who would dare to say you are wrong?

The process of validating the Fa with righteous thoughts is also a process of changing the principle of "mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition" in the old cosmos. "Some people say: 'While a Tao is one foot tall, a demon would be one yardáhigh.' That is a false statement made by everyday people. A demon will never be higher than a Tao." (Chapter Five, Zhuan Falun) Indeed, the evil never subdues the righteous. In "Beyond the limits of Forbearance," Master says, "Zhen-Shan-Ren is the Fa! And It is the manifestation of the Dafa of the cosmos at different levels. It is absolutely not some human ideology or guiding principle for ordinary human living, as humans take it to be. If the evil has already reached the point where it is unsavable and unkeepable, then various measures at different levels can be used to stop it and eradicate it."

Although I can't see any other dimensions, I firmly believe that "matter and mind are of the same nature." (Zhuan Falun) When righteous thoughts are sent forth, their brilliance and luster are dazzling. I have no doubt that the magnificent Buddha Law--Falun Dafa--has bestowed upon me the capability to completely eliminate both the form and spirit of the evil.

Later, more than 10 fellow practitioners were confirmed to have been detained.

Time continued to go by without notice, and everything stayed the same at my place.

I had used my righteous thoughts to successfully neutralize the attempt by the evil to test and interfere with Dafa through me.

Several months passed. The printer was still running.

One day, a fellow practitioner told me that the evil forces had information about me, had located my place, and had been monitoring me for more than one month. It was possible that they would come after me that night. Soon, more news arrived. A practitioner--one who had been to my place and knew me well--had succumbed and "crawled out of his detention" [Note: had become an informant in exchange for freedom]. Again, I received the suggestion that I should consider going into hiding for some time.

The person who conveyed this news to me was a disciple who had passed the life-and-death test and waded through many tribulations.

Amidst the confusion, and besieged by the old forces, I felt the invisible, vicious field weighing on me. And my heart palpitated a bit...

"Why am I feeling this way?" I asked myself. "I am safeguarding the Fa and saving beings. In the vast celestial bodies, what I am doing is the best, most sacred--I am not wrong." Then I thought, "Knowing that I am not wrong, why should I go into hiding? Isn't "hiding" a tacit consent to and a cooperation with the arrangement of the old forces?"

As for that practitioner who had "crawled" back, I harbored no human thoughts against him. At that moment, I experienced the power of kindness and my heart was filled with pity and compassion. I wished that he would be able to stand up again and I would inspire his righteous thoughts with my field of righteous thoughts. I would not quickly write him off as a "renegade," which would have been the same as pushing him, a being that could be saved, into abysmal sufferings.

Where are the old forces? They are here, surrounding me; they are here, on my body. The part of me that is impure has pandered to their arrangement and given them the excuse to persecute the Fa. "Since the old evil forces insist on giving us a chance to eliminate them, make good use of it. History has never seen this before, it's hard to come by." (Master's lecture at the Washington DC International Conference)

I thought: I will make the majestic Buddha Law fully manifest itself in the human world, and I will change the arrangements the old forces imposed on me in order to persecute the Fa.

"According to one who sees with supernatural capabilities, wherever there is black qi, that place is considered to have pathogenic qi. A doctor of Chinese medicine will find the energy channels blocked in that place, as the qi and blood are not circulating and the energy channels are congested. To a doctor of Western medicine, that place may present the symptom of an ulcer, tumor, osteophytosis, or inflammation, etc. When it manifests in this dimension, it is in this form. After you remove that being, you will find that there is nothing wrong with the body in this dimension. Whether it is a protrusion of the lumbar intervertebral discs or osteophytosis, after you remove that thing and clear out that field, you will find it instantly healed. You can take another x-ray and find that the osteophytosis has disappeared. The fundamental reason is that this being was producing an effect." (Chapter Seven, Zhuan Falun)

Eliminate from our minds the elements that deviated from the Fa under the arrangement of the old forces. Once righteous thoughts are sent, the invincible power will reveal, "The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated." When we use the perspective of renewed beings to view everything righteously, the evil will of itself no longer exist.

I took no action. My heart was like an undisturbed pool of water. Everything went on as usual.

The days passed one after another, and nothing unusual happened.

From the perspective of the old forces, the above two incidents are unbelievable. On the surface, my place became a small forgotten corner. Nothing, however, is purely coincidental; in most similar cases, the evil would have had its way in persecuting Dafa.

Master says in "The Buddha Fa and Buddhism," "It seems that people can never learn positive lessons from history. Instead, they always learn from negative lessons for the sake of their own self-interests." Fellow practitioners, Dafa disciples are engaging in Fa-rectification, which is unprecedented in human history. We are creating history. We have heard many stories about disciples' using righteous thoughts to pass the test and to eliminate the evil. When we regard the Fa as our teacher, and learn positive lessons from history, the evil will be eliminated by itself. Conversely, if we learn negative lessons, who is going to be happy? The evil.

It was not that the old forces didn't want to make trouble for me, nor were they faint-hearted or merciful. What happened was that I thoroughly opposed the arrangement of the old forces and did not give them any chance to persecute the Fa through me. I was able to do that because I viewed everything from the perspective of a renewed being in Dafa: rectify all that is not righteous, completely oppose everything arranged by the evil old forces, do not give the old forces and the evil any opportunities to exploit my weak spots, and change the arrangement imposed on me by the old forces in order to persecute the Fa. I am a Dafa particle and the Fa is dignified and sacred.

At this point in writing, I remembered a problem identified in "Principles of the Fa and Human Sentiment," a recent article by editors: "The principles of the Fa are serious and so is cultivation practice. They are definitely not to be mixed up with the human sentiments and work of the worldly realm. In the face of critical issues of right or wrong that relate to Dafa principles, whether or not we can at all times use the principles of the Fa to keep our divine side in command of our own human side is crucially important to both Fa rectification and cultivation practice. On the other hand, the sentiments of humans (saving face, shrewdness, harsh criticism, humanly-induced failures, and all other human sentiments) are all coarse-grained matter that obstruct our divine side from having its leading effect."

This said, I believe some of the points raised in an article on the PureInsight Net-- "Discern the Forms of Demons and Quickly Complete the Process of Transforming from Humans to Gods"--are well worth every practitioner's attention and understanding from the Fa's principles. We can't afford to give the evil any chance to interfere with Dafa. We will rectify all that is not righteous "without omission of any kind," and will be responsible to all the righteous elements in our Dafa.

We are Dafa disciples progressing along the final path of Consummation. Keeping straight on our own path is also one aspect of validating the Fa.

Let us view everything righteously from the perspective of renewed beings in Dafa and free ourselves completely from the shackles of the old forces.

The above are only my personal views and experiences.