(Clearwisdom.Net) It has been nearly three months since the June 2001 atrocity regarding female Falun Dafa practitioners detained at the Wanjia Labor Camp, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. As of today, the labor camp has never investigated the incident or held anyone accountable. (Detailed report is on http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/9/11/13782.html.)

At the time of the tragedy, three female practitioners died due to the prolonged torture they received and 12 additional female practitioners were resuscitated after near death also due to prolonged torture. All suffered memory loss to varying degrees from the severe shock. Since these female practitioners were tortured for more than ten hours at a time with their arms tied behind their backs and were then hung high from their bound arms, they could not move freely afterwards and their limbs became deformed to different degrees.

Even though these women did not completely recover from the abuse they suffered during detention, the camp imprisoned them again and sent them cruelly into solitary confinement in small cramped cells of Team No. 7 in the camp. In these cells they are not allowed to see the outside world. Among them, Chen Yali, Gao Shuyan, Zuo Xiuyun, Xu Lihua, and Yang Xiuli (all female) have been imprisoned for up to six months past their original terms of detention. No one who was victimized in the incident and was a witness to the torture has been released.

The persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners by the Wanjia Labor Camp has raised worldwide concern and alarm from a wide variety of people. However, in order to cover up their crimes, Jiang Zemin's regime and the Wanjia Labor Camp authorities have employed the services of the government-controlled media in an attempt to fabricate TV programs to cover up their heinous crimes.

On August 25, 2001, a woman in her thirties, wearing a police uniform, went to Team No. 7. She asked to see one female practitioner, Wang Fang, and told her that she wanted to find out the details of the incident on June 21, 2001. She then proceeded to videotape Wang in the dorm for the original squad 3. Later on, she also spoke with other female practitioners, Gao Shuyan, Sun Jie, and Xu Lihua, separately. When the practitioners asked for her name, she told them she was from the Xinhua News Agency and her last name was Yuan. As for the purpose of the interviews, she was unable to give a clear explanation. She also wanted to videotape the female practitioners at the time, but they refused. On the following day, she spoke with female practitioners Han Shaoqin, Chen Yali, Hao Yunzhu, and Yang Xiuli separately, to find out about the incident that occurred on June 21, 2001.

The practitioners each described the abuse that occurred on June 19 and 20 in the solitary confinment cells of Team 7. Back then, the Wanjia Labor Camp had directed a male police officer named Li Min to torture the female practitioners by tying their arms behind their backs and hanging them off the ground for hours. During their torture, the police punched and kicked the women, shocked them with electric batons and deprived them of use of the toilet. The police did not even let them down from where they were hung up when it was mealtime. In addition, they continued to raise the height of the hanging [from toes barely touching the ground to higher so their full weight was suspended by the rope] and changed the rope to nylon rope. In the end, the nylon rope became so tight it cut into the practitioners' flesh. The policeman Li Min even sadistically fondled the breasts of the female practitioners while they were hung up. Using such methods of torture, the camp attempted to force the female practitioners to sign the "guarantee letter" to give up practicing Falun Gong; otherwise, they convinced them the hanging [by their hands tied behind their backs] would continue.

On June 20, 2001, the wardens of the big platoon of Team 7 forced the female practitioners to write the "guarantee letter" and threatened that they would put those who did not write the letter into a seperate team and send them to the male wardens of the male team. Moreover, the police continued to torture the female practitioners by hanging and beating them. Those practitioners who were tied and hung were covered with lacerations and bruises all over their bodies after they were released from the solitary confinement cells. Because of the prolonged period of hanging from their hands that were tied behind their back, all of the women's hands became extremely swollen and had turned black and blue. The women collapsed and lay on the floor, and could not move at all.

After the morning meal, on August 29, 2001, the female cell warden of Team 7 asked female practitioners Yang Xiuli, Xu Lihua, Wang Fang, and Sun Jie to take a walk outside. This was unusual as they were not usually allowed to take even half a step from their cells. Afterwards, they discovered that someone was covertly videotaping them. All of them refused to be videotaped and ran back to the solitary confinment cells. Later on, Shi Yingbai, the director of the camp, led a group of people to the solitary confinement cells of Team 7 and asked all practitioners to go outside to be videotaped. The practitioners refused.

Afterwards, the director Shi, called practitioner Han Shaoqin, (female) into a classroom to have a talk. Han went there and asked Shi, why some people were attempting to videotape all of the women and where those people came from. Shi said that he did not know and added, "They recorded your talks a few days ago. This time they just want to add your pictures." Practitioner Han asked, "If it was an interview, why did they record our talk in secret? Why are we forced to be videotaped? We are not clear about the purpose of the interview, so we have the right to refuse to be interviewed and videotaped." Shi said, "If you don't agree, we will use force to carry you one by one to be videotaped."

Later, the camp began to forcefully drag the female practitioners to a new building to have them videotaped. All of them refused to participate willingly by lowering their heads or turning away from the camcorder, and all refused to be interviewed. However, those people set up many camcorders in the yard, in front of the building, in the hallway, and inside the rooms. The practitioners never cooperated with the videotaping. Practitioner Hao Yunzhu (female) suffered a heart attack due to the stress of being forced to be videotaped against her will. She fell down and lay in the hallway and could not walk. With severe shortness of breath, she was carried back to the solitary confinement cells. However, these evil reporters did not even leave an old lady having a heart attack alone. Instead they followed her to the solitary confinement cells and continued to videotape her. Practitioner Hao Yunzhu and Xu Lihua (female) refused to cooperate throughout the entire ordeal.

The situation inside the Wanjia Labor Camp is horrific. One female practitioner named Pan Xuanhua, released recently after being illegally detained well past her original detention term, was also forced to have a video interview taken against her will. During the forced interview, dozens of people including Hao, the head of the Wanjia Hospital, the authorities from the 610 office [a secret government office that directs the persecution against Falun Gong] and reporters rushed into the old woman's home to take pictures and to videotape her. Practitioner Pan Xuanhua did not allow herself to be used in this way. Pan's father had passed away during the time she was illegally detained. She was denied permission to go home at that time to attend his funeral. On the day of the forced interview, her mother, who was ill and bedridden, fainted when she saw dozens of strangers rushing in. It was only then that those reporters and other people wound up their activities in a hurry and left practitioner Pan's home.

Jiang Zemin's followers have brought tremendous harm to Falun Gong practitioners and their innocent families, which can never be repaid.

Here we remind all kind-hearted people that Jiang Zemin's regime and the Wanjia Labor Camp have never stopped their persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Please do not believe the fabricated evidence and falsified TV programs provided by the government about the tragedy that occurred in the Wanjia Labor Camp as well as the fabricated charges and slander against Falun Gong practitioners.

We appeal to all kind-hearted people in the world to pay attention to the situation in China and the inhuman persecution of Falun Gong practitioners detained in the Wanjia Labor Camp, and to help release the more than 400 female practitioners illegally detained in the camp. Among them, the oldest is in her sixties and the youngest is a teenager. These kind-hearted good people are living in a country without a proper legal system and are suffering inhuman torture. We hope that all kind-hearted people in the world help them to get out of the evil den as soon as possible.


September 15, 2001


The List of People Who Participated in the Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners in the Wanjia Labor Camp (Part)

Lu Zhenshan, director of the Wanjia Labor Camp, is very dictatorial and ruthless. He took part in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners many times. He is one of those directly responsible for the death of the female practitioners on June 20, 2001.

Liu Lun, head of the Management Section of the Wanjia Labor Camp, persecuted Falun Gong practitioners many times and took part in the brutal beating and torturing of the female practitioners using very vicious means.

Liang, warden of the Management Section of the Wanjia Labor Camp, followed orders and participated in the beating and verbal abuse of the female practitioners many times. His methods of torturing the practitioners are evil and treacherous.

Hao, director of the Wanjia Labor Camp Hospital, has repeatedly used heinous methods to persecute the female practitioners in the name of treating illnesses.

Song, director of the Wanjia Labor Camp Hospital, brutally beat dozens of practitioners when they were in critical condition or did not feel well. The means he employed to torture the practitioners are vicious.

Li Mi, male warden of Team 9 in the Wanjia Labor Camp, participated in brutally beating the practitioners many times. He is a loyal hired thug of the evil forces.