(Clearwisdom.net) The evil mastermind in charge of the Changlinzi Labor Camp is Shi Changjing, the chief officer of the camp. Regular prisoners all fear him. And he is even more ruthless towards Dafa practitioners. He wantonly confined practitioners in small solitary compartments. [In these gloomy and damp cells, the prisoner is handcuffed in a position such that he or she can neither move about freely nor lie down. The compartments are usually full of rats and with a terrible stench as a result of prisoners not being allowed to use normal bathroom facilities and having to relieve themselves in their solitary confinement cell. The prisoner is also starved, given only half a meal a day.]Each confinement period could be as long as half a month. Shi continuously punished any steadfast practitioners in Dafa cultivation by confining them in these solitary compartments.

On August 10, practitioners in the 4th team persisted in reciting Master's articles, sending forth righteous thoughts and eliminating the evil. Shi Changjing ordered the captain of the 4th team -- Hao Wei to instigate the guards into leading the regular prisoners to brutally beat any practitioners. Practitioner Zhang Lin and over ten other practitioners suffered from varying degrees of injuries. Amongst them, Zhang Lin was injured the most severely: his ear drums became ruptured, two front teeth were knocked out, his nose and mouth were bleeding, both of his eyes as well as his head and face were swollen, and his whole body was covered with bruises. It was only after 24 hours of emergency treatment that he finally stabilized from his critical condition. One malevolent guard named Wang Baofeng had beaten at least three practitioners. On the next day, he held an iron shovel and yelled at the practitioners, threatening that he would beat to death whomever dared to step forward. He yelled threats in an arrogant manner. He had also used thin ropes to tie up practitioners, which can cause severe injury to circulation, nerves, and tendons. After the incident, Shi Changjing defended and covered up the crimes of the assailants in every possible way.

Shi also ordered the hospital to use the method of nasal force-feeding on any practitioner who was sent to the hospital because of his hunger strike. It was wishful thinking on his part that this force-feeding would deter practitioners from going on hunger strikes. As force-feeding is a very painful procedure, the hospital tried to justify its actions by claiming that it was done for humanitarian reasons. The force-fed food had very high concentrations of salt, which would cause dizziness and nausea. These were in fact symptoms of poisoning due to excessive salt intake. Practitioners were force-fed as many as one hundred and fifty times, far exceeding the tolerance limit of an ordinary person for force-feeding through the nose. This is outright torture indeed! However, Dafa disciples' strong will is indestructible. Some of them have been on hunger strikes for nearly 80 days and are still persevering with no wavering in their faith. Their firm will and determination have struck terror into the hearts of the evil.

Changlinzi labor camp had intentionally created conflicts between Dafa practitioners and regular prisoners. They forced two prisoners to supervise each practitioner. If anything happened (for example, the practitioner went on a hunger strike), the "supervising" prisoner would have his imprisonment period extended, would have to suffer from verbal abuse and beating, or would have his family visiting sessions cancelled. Therefore, the relationship between the regular prisoners and Dafa practitioners was very tense. The prisoners vented their anger and frustrations from the unfair and cruel treatment on the practitioners without restraint.

Changlinzi Labor Camp recalled some practitioners who were in life-threatening condition and thus receiving medical attention on parole, on the pretext of a physical re-examination. These practitioners continued to be tortured after being detained upon their return to the labor camp. Xu Naiwen (male) was confined in a solitary compartment and made to sit in a steel chair for an extended period of time. [The prisoner is usually handcuffed to the chair such that he must remain motionless for extended periods such as several days or weeks.] As he was also on hunger strike for nearly 40 days, his heart-beat was very weak and his lower body was severely swollen. The doctor said that his life was in critical condition and he could be in danger of dying at any time. The labor camp released him immediately for fear that he would die in the camp. However in less than a month's time, the labor camp recalled him back on the pretext of a physical re-examination and detained him. They never carried out any physical examination at all.

September 22, 2001