1. One Falun Dafa practitioner would travel once a week to the rural area to promote Dafa. During one trip, as he was bringing many Dafa materials with him, the police stopped his bus three times. All the passengers were required to get off and go through an inspection. The first two times the bus stopped, this practitioner remained calm, constantly and silently recited, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated" and did not get off the bus. He passed successfully, without running into problems. The third time the wicked police tried to stop the bus, the practitioner also sent forth powerful righteous thoughts and the police waved his hand to let the bus pass without further incident.

The following week this practitioner went to the rural area, he sent forth righteous thoughts before getting on the bus and throughout the entire trip. As a result, the driver made a detour changing his route, avoiding the unreasonable roadblock put up by the wicked police, and arrived at the destination successfully.

2. One day, while sending forth righteous thoughts, I was completely tranquil and could feel the power of the righteous thoughts. At the time, I saw a scene in which groups of demons were attacking me but, as soon as my powerful righteous thoughts were sent out, even the demons that were still far away from me instantly disappeared. After that, I saw a young woman walking towards me holding a little boy in her arms. She looked pitiful and helpless. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts. If they are living beings that should be saved, she will not be eliminated; if she is evil, eliminate her immediately. As soon as I sent forth the righteous thoughts, the woman and her child turned into foxes and disappeared.

I was enlightened by the experience. The evil forces always want to take advantage of loopholes in what practitioners have cultivated to do damage to Dafa. Sometimes, they even disguise themselves to deceive Dafa practitioners and test if they are moved by human sentimentality.

Teacher has said, "The Fa can reveal all attachments, the Fa can eradicate all evils, the Fa can expose and dispel all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts ('Deter Interference')". As long as our hearts are in Dafa and we always maintain powerful righteous thoughts, the evil is merely a tiny particle of dust.

September 24, 2001