The Vice President of Hong Kong Phoenix Cable TV Dies in Airplane Crash

The Chinese Station of Phoenix Cable TV in Hong Kong has always acted as the Chinese Government's voice there, supporting its persecution of Falun Dafa and Dafa practitioners. It has aired TV programs desecrating Falun Dafa several times in the recent past.

On September 2, 2001, Zhao Qunli, the vice president of Phoenix Cable TV, piloted a helicopter to take pictures over Yongjia County, Zhejiang Province. He died on the spot when the helicopter hit a high-voltage wire and crashed into a creek at Huangnan village in Yongjia.

Dafa Persecutor's House Burns on New Year's Eve

Zhang Jinhui, the Security Director of Tanzi Village in Yidan Township, Yitong County, Jilin Province, has taken responsibility for watching Falun Gong practitioners in the village. He has tried his best to make trouble for Falun Dafa and harass Dafa practitioners. He went around the village to get rid of all truth-clarifying flyers, and also went to practitioners' homes to harrass them. He has caused tremendous interferrence.

At midnight on New Year's Eve of 2000, his fireplace started a fire in his house. Luckily, the fire was discovered early and no one was hurt. However, all of Zhang Jinhui's belongings were burnt to ashes. This is a clear warning to those who would harm Falun Dafa or Dafa practitioners.