On September 26, 2001 seven Falun Dafa practitioners from Seattle including a 10-month-old baby arrived in San Francisco after successfully completing a 35-day, 926-mile SOS! Global RescueWalk. The walk was arranged to bring attention and support to those practitioners currently being persecuted in China for their belief in Falun Dafa. Before the end of their journey they were joined in Portland, Oregon by five other practitioners from San Francisco. The Walkers completed more than 20 miles a day; this also included a 73-year-old practitioner.

The SOS! Global RescueWalkers received a warm welcome in front of San Francisco City Hall by local government officials and over 70 local practitioners. Afterwards, a press conference was held and the Walkers shared their experiences with the audience. The board supervisors of the City and county of San Francisco issued Certificates of Honor to the 926-mile walkers.