Wang Hongmin, a farmer in his 50's in Pingdu City, Shandong Province, is a veteran Falun Dafa practitioner. Because he was reported for posting Dafa materials, Wang was arrested and his home was ransacked. Two days later he was sent to the police department of the city. During his period of illegal detention, the police cruelly beat him, abused him and subjected him to tortures such as the "sitting iron chair" (a kind of physical punishment where a person is asked to sit in the chair for a long period motionlessly), sleep deprivation, etc. Because he insisted in his beliefs, Wang was detained in the police department for one month, in the administrative detention center for more than 10 days, and then was sentenced to three years in a labor camp without any evidence of ever having committed a crime. Now he is in the Licang Labor Camp of Qingdao City, Shandong Province.

His son Wang Yuxing and daughter-in-law Zhang Meiping are veteran practitioners as well. Both of them hold a junior college diploma and are teachers. In school, they are considered good teachers by all accounts. Because Wang Yuxing and his wife went to Tiananmen Square to appeal for Dafa in November 2000, they were brought back by the Datian Town Police Station and party committee to be persecuted. After he and his wife were detained illegally for more than 10 days, Wang was put in administrative detention for another 12 days while his wife Zhang managed to escape from the evil's hold for the time being. Due to their perseverance in their belief, they were fired from their positions by the local education committee, and their dormitory was ransacked and repossessed by the school. The school did not allow them to take back their belongings from the dormitory. Wang and his wife had to go home to live with their parents.

Early this March before the two meetings (the People's Congress Assembly and the Political and Consultative Assembly) were held, the Datian party committee and the police station drove to Wang Hongmin's home with the intention of kidnapping the young couple under the name of calling them back to work. After they failed to make the Wangs open their door by lying, threatening, and kicking and smashing at the door, they climbed over the wall and forced their way into the Wangs' home. The young couple was taken into a vehicle and brought to Datian party committee. Wang was detained there for 13 days and Zhang for 15 days.

In mid-April, Zhang Meiping was arrested again by the local police station when she was in the home of another practitioner in Changle Town. She was slapped, abused, handcuffed and even deprived of sleep by the police there. Three days later, she was brought to the city police department for further torture. Apart from beatings, physical and verbal abuse and sleep deprivation, she was forced to sit in an iron chair for 38 consecutive days. To protest against the persecution, she held a hunger strike there. Despite all the tortures, she was still firm in her belief. So the insane and evil police finally sentenced her to a one-month criminal detention in the Sifang Women's Detention Center in Qingdao City.

Ten days later, Zhang determinedly held another hunger strike to protest against the persecution and refused to cooperate with the evil wardens' demands anymore. The wardens there were extremely angry, but they failed in their attempts to force-feed her and then later decided to take no notice of her, even if she was unconscious due to weakness. In fact, they just wanted to ignore her until the expiration of her term. Several times the detainees in her same cell reported that Zhang was in critical state and asked for medical treatment for her, but the authorities would not take action until the day before her term expired.

Even after she was sent to a hospital for emergency treatment, the Pingdu police department and detention center still tried to shirk their responsibility -- the police department wanted the detention center to claim responsibility but the detention center was unwilling to pay Zhang's medical bills. They were then forced to call her relatives to the hospital to pick up Zhang, who had been there for half a month but who was still in such an unhealthy state that oxygen, transfusion, and catheterization tubes had to be used on her until the day of her release.

After Zhang returned home, things did not change for the better; she was still unconscious as well as extremely weak and emaciated. Moreover, she exhibited other symptoms such as convulsions, incontinence of feces and urine, and loss of memory and language. In addition, her nervous system had been badly damaged. Her physical appearance was deplorable. One could hardly imagine that these men could be so heartless and evil so as to persecute a healthy and bright practitioner to such a state.

10 days after Zhang Meiping was arrested, the evil police also brought her husband Wang Yuxing to the Taishanlu police station. He was beaten, abused and tortured in many different ways while in custody there. His home was ransacked as well. Two days later, he was sent to the detention center in Pingdu where he was illegally detained for one month. Then he was imprisoned in the Pingdu administrative detention center after the expiration of his term. Wang filed a protest by hunger striking there; he was not released until after his hunger strike had lasted for nine days.

During the period in which Zhang was in critical condition in the hospital, her relatives once asked the police department to allow her husband Wang to take a look at his wife, but were refused.

After Wang returned home and saw his wife in such a terrible state, he was filled with grief and indignation. All of Zhang's relatives, friends, and fellow practitioners who came to visit her denounced the cruelty of the evil thugs and expressed their admiration of the couple's steadfast determination in their belief.

However, the evil thugs still refused to give up their evil intents. After several practitioners who were released due to hunger striking were recaptured and returned to the police department, some police went to Wang's home to catch the couple again. They didn't feel any guilt until they saw Zhang's terrible condition.

Although Zhang's condition has improved a little, her brain is still muddleheaded and is slow to move and react, and her memory and ability to think clearly has yet to recover. Wang and his mother have to look after her every day. Now, except for a few mu (Chinese measure of area) of land, their family has lost any other source of income and has landed in a state of need.

Meanwhile, their relatives have also suffered mentally from their family's condition; the daily worry for the family makes them extremely stressed. These facts fully expose the nature of the criminal gang led by Jiang Zemin and his followers. They are just a source of evil that brings calamities to the country and its people. Here we warn these evil people again that all the crimes you have committed will cause you retribution in the near future, and you must be aware of the heavenly law that good will be rewarded with good and evil with evil.