(Clearwisdom.net) I was detained in Heizuizi Female Labor Camp in Changchun because I went to Beijing to appeal on February 17, 2000. Due to my firm determination in Falun Dafa, they have inhumanly tortured me and are detaining me for an indefinite period of time. I have been held for more than a year already. I am revealing Heizuizi Female Labor Camp's heinous crimes against Falun Dafa practitioners to the people of the world by relating what I have seen and heard.

We have submitted applications for reconsideration and we have written appeal letters, but we have not yet received any responses. They have deprived us of our rights to appeal. Since May of last year, the warden of the labor camp has forbidden us from using pens.

The prison guards frequently incited prisoners to beat and abuse practitioners. In protest, most of us went on hunger strikes for our unconditional release. When we stopped eating, the labor camp started to force-feed us with tubes inserted through our noses and shoved down into our stomachs. When the force-feedings were unsuccessful, they resorted to shocking us with electric batons. Our bodies were covered with scars from the electrical shocks. We could smell scorched flesh of practitioner Zhu Ying after she was shocked for half an hour.

The guards use physical punishment and electrical shocks to torture practitioners if they practice the exercises. One day, around the end of April, the guards stripped Li Ying, Xu Feng and Huang Chun to torture them with electric batons, which made them black and blue all over. In May, most of the practitioners in Group 4 were badly beaten, shocked and physically punished on many different occasions. On one such occasion, they took me into the warden's office because I was caught practicing. The guards and a group leader, a total of four or five people, took turns beating and shocking me. Afterwards, they tied me with belts to an iron bed. I was not able to get up and had to defecate and urinate on the bed. This torture lasted eight full days, during which time my arms were in extreme pain. On the ninth day when they untied the belts, my arms were completely numb. I was not able to take care of myself for two months after that.

Since June 2000, the guards have used all kinds of savage tortures on the practitioners to force them to renounce their beliefs in Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. On each and every day, we can hear the thumping of the electric batons and the heart-wrenching screams from the office and we can smell scorched flesh caused by the electric batons. On one Saturday morning, they took Zhu Er to the office where the group leader electric-shocked her for half an hour. When she came out of the office, her face looked gruesome. On the following day she had black blisters all over her face, her face was deformed, and to this day you can still see her scars. The guards frequently shocked and physically punished us. They also got pleasure out of beating our faces with watermelon rinds.

The guards also started a brainwashing class where they used the most evil, the most depraved, and the most insidious methods to torture the practitioners. Wang Xiu was one of their victims. In the class, the guards started off by not allowing the practitioners to sleep all day long and then they would follow up with physical punishment. One method they used involved undressing the victim and placing her on the top edge of the backs of two chairs. Her neck was supported on one of the backs and her feet were on the back of the other chair, while her entire body was suspended between both chairs. Furthermore, she was forced to stretch her arms upwards. This method of torture is called "Flying." They also beat practitioners on their naked flesh with electric batons which caused bruises everywhere on the body. Afterwards, they would send the victims to smaller cells. These kinds of tortures went on for over a month.

The torture of practitioners in this labor camp is atrocious and extremely evil. Many practitioners are still being detained. They have suffered all kinds of tortures and often are not allowed to sleep for an entire day or sometimes even up to several days. As a result, they have been unable to heal completely and they are continually suffering from old injuries. Even sixty-year-old women have had to endure this kind of persecution.

Perpetrators: The leaders of Group 4 of Heizuizi Female Labor Camp, Changchun Province: Three people with the surnames Guan, Zhang (extremely vicious), and Li.