• Exposing the Evil in Shuanghe Labor Camp in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province
  • Exposing the Deception at the Heilongjiang Provincial Drug Rehabilitation Center
  • Weihai City's Vicious Forces Aggravate Practitioners' Persecution
  • The Wisdom of a Practitioner's Family
  • Changchun Dafa Practitioner Jiao Hong is Detained
  • Xinjiang AR Authorities Postpone the Persecution of the Xinjiang Independent Group and Give Priority to the Persecution of Falun Gong
  • Due to her Hunger Strike, Jianyang City Dafa Practitioner Ye Shunying is Released
  • Chongqing Dafa Practitioner Wang Zhihai is Illegally Sentenced to Forced Labor
  • Yanjiao Police Branch Illegally Arrests Dafa Practitioners
  • A Dafa Practitioner's Persecution Experience
  • News from Tianjin City
  • News from Yantai City
  • Guangzhou City Authorities Start Another Round of Evil Brainwashing Classes

[Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province] Exposing the Evil in Shuanghe Labor Camp

According to the Judiciary Department's document No. 58, practitioners illegally detained in labor camps whose terms are up should be released and have their freedom restored. But the Shuanghe Labor Camp authorities only released some of the practitioners, while others were not released, upon the stipulation that they required an "additional term for ideological transformation." Some practitioners' half-year detention terms had already been stretched to nearly one year. Now practitioners' additional detention time is also up, but they are still not being released. Formerly, some practitioners' detention terms were reduced. Right now, not only do the authorities not reduce anyone's terms; they also increase the terms to further punish determined Dafa practitioners' persecution.

In addition, officials at the Shuanghe Labor Camp strained relationships between practitioners and their families. On each family member's visit, the officials told them that the practitioners did not care about their home and did not want to have a home. When a practitioner's husband passed away and her family went to the Shuanghe Labor Camp to seek permission for her to attend the funeral, the police in the camp did not inform the practitioner. However, they lied to her family, saying she did not want to go home. As a result, her family members misunderstood her and hated her Dafa cultivation.

This June, a meeting was held at the Shuanghe Labor Camp to release the people who had been brainwashed. As those people's speeches were seriously against Dafa, many determined practitioners stood up and pointed out how they were wrong. Five practitioners were immediately taken out of the meeting room by force. After that, they were deceived. With the excuse of "having a talk with the director," they were actually put into the Qiqihar Custodial Center for further persecution. They were supposed to be sentenced. The five female practitioners are: Liu Shourong (She was sent to the labor camp on December 7, 1999. Her release from a one-year detention term is overdue.), Shi Shufang (She was sent to the labor camp on December 7, 1999. Release is overdue.), Shen Zili, Xu Hongmei (They were put into the labor camp in July 2000. Their detention terms are up.) The other practitioner's name is unknown.

[Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province] Exposing the Deception at the Heilongjiang Provincial Drug Rehabilitation Center

On June 23, 2001, six determined Dafa practitioners, Cui Xuemin, Yang Shulan, Xu Jiajue, Wang Jinhua, Zhang Jiqiu and Sheng Yi were transferred from Qiqihar City's Shuanghe Labor Camp to the Heilongjiang Provincial Drug Rehabilitation Center for further persecution. The officials in the drug rehabilitation center separated the practitioners, putting one person per room, and ordered the betrayers (who gave up Falun Gong practice due to being brainwashed) to attack them.

In order to trick the practitioners into writing the "renouncing statement" (an announcement of giving up Falun Gong practice), the officials in the drug rehabilitation center ordered the betrayers to administer psychotropic drugs, disguised in candy, to practitioners. A betrayer ate a candy and then gave another to Xu Jiajue. After an hour, they asked Xu Jiajue to lie down and brought a pen and a piece of paper. They asked Xu Jiajue to copy the "renouncing statement." When Xu Jiajue saw what it was she immediately became sober. She saw through their trick and tore up the statement.

Though the six practitioners were persecuted and forced to receive brainwashing for 38 days, they were still determined to cultivate Dafa. They completely shattered the vicious officials' attempt to force practitioners to give up their righteous belief.

[Weihai City, Shandong Province] Weihai City's Vicious Forces Aggravate Practitioners' Persecution

In a new round of persecuting Falun Gong, and in order to prevent practitioners from going to Beijing on Chinese National Day, October 1st, the vicious forces in Weihai City attempted to persecute Falun Gong practitioners by setting up brainwashing classes. For those who had cooperated with them but were considered key people, they also set up the so-called "assistant group." Once a person turns to supporting Falun Gong, the person in the "assistant group" will have to take the responsibility. We hope all Dafa practitioners in Weihai City see through the plot contrived by the old forces and break through their arrangement.

[Southern China] The Wisdom of a Practitioner's Family

In a city of Southern China, an elderly female practitioner lives with her husband, who is over 70 years old. She often goes out distributing flyers and clarifying the truth. Once, the vicious police arrested her. Her husband went to the police station right away and told them he needed her help. If the police did not release her, he would immediately go to live in the policeman's home. On hearing this, the policeman wondered how he could take the responsibility if something happened to this over 70-year-old man, and who did not have a senior at his home? Should 70 year-old-people be persecuted? So they released the elderly lady.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Dafa Practitioner Jiao Hong is Detained.

Female practitioner Jiao Hong from Changchun City was detained somewhere. Her whereabouts are unclear.

[Xinjiang AR] Authorities Postpone the Persecution of the Xinjiang Independence Group and Give Priority to the Persecution of Falun Gong

In July 2001 a circular was passed down with the following content: Postpone for years the "priority persecution" of the Xinjiang Independence Group and make the persecution of Falun Gong a top priority instead.

To persecute Falun Dafa, Xinjiang AR (Autonomous Region) authorities have spent a lot of money hiring local scoundrels. In late July, jobless people of Weiwuer nationality (the majority ethnic group in Xinjiang AR) caught practitioners and took them to the police department while they were posting Dafa truth-clarifying materials on the walls of the Wulumuqi Bridge. These people then received 3,000 Yuan as a reward.

[Chengdu City, Sichuan Province] Due to her Hunger Strike, Jianyang City Dafa Practitioner Ye Shunying is Released

Jianyang City practitioner Ye Shunying was released and is now being taken care of by her family. She had been detained for eight months, but was released because of her hunger strike.

Another practitioner was also on a hunger strike for 13 days. She was released on the 14th day.

[Chongqing City, Sichuan Province] Dafa Practitioner Wang Zhihai is Illegally Sentenced to Forced Labor

Dafa practitioner Wang Zhihai, who obtained Dafa in 1996, is a worker of the Chongqing Railroad Branch Office. Since July 22, 1999, some lawless policemen from the Chongqing Railroad Station have followed him, closely watched him, detained him and ransacked his house. In September 1999, police from the Railroad West Station Office, wearing no uniform, broke into his house and took away Dafa books and other materials without following any legal procedures. In August 2000, Wang was kidnapped to the Xiaonanhai Custodial Center for a one-month criminal detention. The police wanted to send him to a labor camp but were not able to do so, because there is no local labor camp and the local government's approval is needed to send him to one somewhere else. After being released, he was not able to retrieve the personal property that had been confiscated. To make matters worse, they still harassed him. Two months later, in December, he was kidnapped to a brainwashing class. A couple of days later, with righteous thoughts, he came out of the brainwashing class. On January 7, 2001, he went to Beijing's Tiananmen Square to unfurl a Dafa banner. Without cooperating with the requests, orders and conduct of the police personnel at the Qianmen Police Station, he left the Qianmen Police Station, openly and freely. Since then he has lived in hiding. On July 11, 2001, he was kidnapped by people from the Qingyang Police Station to Chengdu's Second Custodial Center and detained there for one month. He has now been illegally sentenced to one and a half years in Mianyang's New Labor Camp.

[Yanjiao City, Hebei Province] Yanjiao Police Branch Illegally Arrests Dafa Practitioners

On September 14, 2001, police from Yanjiao City arrested practitioner Liu Yong, an employee of a company affiliated to the Metallurgical Ministry. Now his whereabouts are unknown. On September 22, the officers from the Yanjiao Police Branch entered Zhudian Village and kidnapped practitioner Zhang Fengqi, forcibly bringing him to a brainwashing class.

On September 15, Yang Fuwen from the Yanjiao Police Branch along with four to five other policemen broke into practitioner Li Guizhi's home in Dongchaige Village and forcibly carried her to the police car. Li Guizhi's husband asked why they arrested her. Yang said that they found Dafa materials all over the village and they suspected that Li Guizhi was connected with them. The next day, Li Guizhi's relatives went to the Yanjiao Police Branch to bring her clothes. The police said, "Li Guizhi is not here. Yang Fuwen is on vacation, and we don't know where Li Guizhi is." Later on, the relatives went to Tangshan City and found out that Li Guizhi had already been sentenced to forced labor and sent to Tangshan's First Labor Camp.

The vicious person Yang Fuwen: police number: 076956

His cell phone: 011-86-1330316655 or 13903166554

[China] A Dafa Practitioner's Persecution Experience

In July 1999, as our family was going on a vacation, we heard the news that the government had banned Falun Gong. We immediately headed to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. However, the police replaced the personnel of the Appeal Bureau. Dafa practitioners who went to appeal were all arrested and sent back to their hometowns for further persecution. I did not want to jump into the trap so I left Beijing and went to other places. Shortly after I arrived home, the local police illegally detained me for 36 days with the excuse of finding out about my activities. They also extorted 10,000 Yuan from me. After my release, more than 20 people from the municipality, Education Committee, my work unit, local police, Street Committee, my relatives and neighbors closely monitored me. Whenever holidays or vacations came, I was deprived of the freedom of going out while other people could get together with their relatives. During the winter and summer vacation, other teachers enjoyed themselves, but I was deprived of the vacation by the "610 Office" through my work unit. During the time from my release to the second time that I was arrested, I had been under close monitoring by the police and "610 Office," including restraining my physical freedom, monitoring my dwelling place, tapping my home phone, intercepting my mails and frequent harassment.

On May 23, 2001, about 9 am, the head of the Politics and Security Department, Wang Qixiang, and three other people came to my home to force me to attend a brainwashing class and write a statement renouncing Falun Gong. I refused. Wang immediately ordered a policeman to show me the search warrant that they had prepared in advance, and then they searched my home. They confiscated my Dafa books and materials, but they refused to write a detailed list when they took my personal property away. Under my strong insistence, they had to write a detailed list. Then, more than ten people took me to the police department. I was illegally detained 21 days and then illegally sent to a labor camp for a 3-year sentence without any evidence showing that I violated the law and without any signature from me. They suspended my salary without authorization since April. Before this, they had ordered my work unit to use my salary to pay the "610 Office" to compensate them for arresting people in Beijing.

At the same time that they detained me, they did not stop looking for my husband. However, they did not find him, even after they went to Beijing to search. They were so furious that they started to persecute my son. On the night of June 2, they took my son away and detained him illegally for 21 days. When my relatives went to ask for his release, the head of the police department and the secretary of the Politics and Judiciary Committee shouted with their hands striking the table, "If we cannot find the father, we will arrest his son, and we won't release the son until we catch his father!"

I was sent back to my hometown due to becoming ill during my illegal detention in the labor camp. On the day when I came back, I was sent to my work unit and detained for 24 hours per day. During the daytime, two male staff members and one leader monitored me. At night, four female staff members stayed in one room with me to watch me and one leader was also on duty. The room was dark, humid and full of mosquitoes and flies. I could not get a good day's rest. On the night of June 19, Dafa practitioners rescued me despite the close watch. Now I am homeless. I heard that they had illegally detained my son several days ago because they could not find me.

[Tianjin City] News from Tianjin City

It is said that after reading Master's lecture on the Fa at the Washington D.C. International Conference, practitioners held at the Shuangkou Labor Camp in Beichen District, Tianjin City have all strengthened their faith in cultivating Dafa. One after another, they declared that the "Repentance Statements" and "Guarantee Statements" they previously wrote are null and void and they would resume cultivation. They also demanded a better cultivation environment. Some of the practitioners haven't been released though their terms have already expired.

Recently, practitioners from Dagang District and Dagang Oil Field have been posting Dafa truth-clarifying flyers, hanging up Dafa banners in the residential areas where they live, and clarifying the truth to people from all walks of life. According to the official news, the Dagang Police Branch has instructed the District police station, Oil Field Police Station, police squad and all neighborhood administrative offices to jointly investigate this matter. They have been monitoring, wiretapping, hiding and waiting in ambush during the night at certain places to arrest some key practitioners.

Recently, practitioner Feng Pengju from the Dagang Oil Field Affiliated Oil Refining Factory was arrested for posting an article about his understanding of Dafa at the gate of the factory. He is now held at the Dagang District Custodial Center.

In July, a practitioner who was also a police officer from Dongpuwa Police Station of Wuqing County went to appeal in Beijing. He is now being held at a custodial center in Wuqing County. Detailed information is unavailable.

In June, vile persons beat to death a practitioner from Tanggu County who was being held at the Banqiao Women's Labor Camp only because she did the exercises in the cell. The matter has aroused public anger.

[Yantai City, Shandong Province] News from Yantai City

Since May 28, 2001, the vicious forces in Yantai City have been madly arresting practitioners. They used all kinds of means including arresting practitioners at food markets or breaking into practitioners' homes at midnight and carrying them away. During this period, over 40 practitioners were arrested and most of them were sent to Wangcun Labor Camp.

[Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province] Guangzhou City Authorities Start Another Round of Evil Brainwashing Classes

Guangzhou City authorities have launched another round of persecution against practitioners. They have started another round of evil brainwashing classes at the Huangpu District Drug Rehabilitation Center. Those practitioners they believe are determined are being arrested and taken them to the brainwashing class at will. One practitioner who had previously been put into the brainwashing class several times was again caught this time.

Jiang Daoping (female), former director of the Huangpu District Falun Gong Assistance Center, over 30 years old, was a senior engineer of the Construction Headquarters of Guangzhou Harbor Bureau. Both her job knowledge and her personality were excellent. Since July 20, 1999, she was constantly under pressure and harassed by the police department and her work unit. She was followed and her telephone was tapped. After going to appeal in Beijing and being escorted back by people from her work unit, she was suspended from her job. Her husband (a non practitioner) was asked to take days off to watch her at home. Later, she participated in Tianhe District collective practice activity and was illegally detained for a month. As she persisted in cultivating Dafa, she was taken to a brainwashing class to be forcibly brainwashed. After she came out of the brainwashing class, she realized what she wrote was not in accord with Dafa. She then declared all the statements she previously made to be null and void, and that she will continue to cultivate Dafa. She was once again caught and brought to the brainwashing class. Because she refused to compromise with the vicious forces, she was illegally sentenced to 3 years of forced labor in April this year.

Zhong Yingzhang, male, 29 years old, a former seaman of the Guiding Company of Guangzhou Harbor Bureau, is a renowned nice person in his work unit. He went to appeal in Beijing and was escorted back by the police of Guangzhou Harbor Bureau and afterwards he was illegally detained for 15 days. After he came out of prison, his work unit terminated his contract. Later, he again went to Beijing to appeal and was arrested. He was escorted back to Dongshan District and again illegally detained for 15 days. At the beginning of this year, he was illegally sentenced to forced labor for persisting in Dafa cultivation.

Also, the Huangpu District Drug Rehabilitation Center hired some ruffians especially for persecuting practitioners.

Telephone number of Director Jiang who is in charge of Huangpu District Political and Judiciary Committee "610 Office": 011-86-20-82378728.