September 23, 2001


Masanjia Labor Camp, also known as Masanjiazi Reform Center, is located in Liaoning Province. Since October 1999, based on incomplete statistics, about 2,500 Falun Gong practitioners have been illegally sent to this labor camp, though they had committed no crimes.

There were about 30 male practitioners detained at Masanjia. In the beginning, they were kept together with the real criminal offenders, until one year later when they were segregated. Since they are very determined in Dafa cultivation, they suffered tremendous tortures, and are still being detained to this date.

Some of the female practitioners there are controlled by evil forces. There are also some special agents sent from Beijing who disguise themselves as Dafa practitioners. These are destructive elements that make some practitioners who haven't grasped Dafa solidly enough fall into evil enlightenment and then spread that evil enlightenment to other genuine practitioners.

From July 2000 to June 2001, this labor camp has released about 1,400~1,500 Dafa practitioners. Now there are still about 800~900 practitioners inside.

Determined practitioners remain incarcerated. The wardens there are very ruthless and they can casually prolong anyone's sentence by several months or half a year. This is very malicious, isn't it?

There is another major evil crime prevalent in Masanjia Labor Camp: It's called "Sealed education." The labor camp staff is directed to block all channels which may expose the truth to the outside world, and they put up a false appearance to deceive all visitors. In May of this year, the World Human Rights Organization sent a group to investigate the issue of Falun Gong practitioners detained inside Masanjia; however, what they saw there was a facade pre-arranged by the evil forces.

On February 6, 2001, the labor camp put out a sign: "Thought Education School" to deceive worldly people. However, even the evil forces themselves know clearly that nothing can shake the determination formed in the practitioners' minds. Although some of the practitioners wrote "Repentance Statements," this was not a true expression from their hearts. No matter how vicious this labor camp is, it cannot change practitioners' pure hearts towards Dafa and Teacher. Like the males, the female practitioners also did very well, withstanding the brutal persecution. The evil forces will not last long.

The authorities keep practitioners under constant surveillance and control their daily activities. Practitioners who have already been released from the labor camp, or are serving their sentences outside the labor camp, still have to report to the government periodically. Today we expose these evils, as a way of eradicating them.

The practitioners in Masanjia Labor Camp are forced to do heavy work every day. The crafts made with their painstaking efforts are exported overseas in exchange for money. However, the money is grabbed by the greedy camp wardens, while the practitioners are only given preserved vegetables, corn-pancakes, and rice porridge made with just water and a bit of rice for their breakfast all year long. The sanitary conditions are also very poor; the practitioners are often poisoned by the substandard food and living conditions.

As of now, the wardens are still persecuting Dafa practitioner brutally. In the 2nd Female Section, they do not allow those determined Dafa practitioners to sleep, and force them to squat until 2 to 3 o'clock in the morning every day. This kind of torture is very ruthless. However, Dafa practitioners know, as our Teacher said: "Although the evil seems awfully vicious, it has now exhausted its tricks, and can merely keep escalating the labels it puts on our practice and keep using the media to fabricate things; with its sick mind, it keeps forcing students to write so-called 'repentance statements' and to sign its stuff." ("Lecture on the Fa at the Washington D.C. International Conference")

We strongly request that Masanjia Labor Camp release all Dafa practitioners immediately. We appeal to all countries in the world! Condemn these crimes against mankind committed in the Masanjia Labor Camp!

The evils:

Phone # for Masanjia Labor Camp: 86-135-0499-1680 (The director's name is

Sun Fengwu.)

The 2nd Female Section: 86-024-8921-0567 (The director's name is Su Jing)