(Clearwisdom.net) Early in the morning of September 5th of this year, three veteran and one new Falun Dafa practitioner together boarded a train traveling north. Our trip went smoothly and we arrived in Beijing at about 10 o'clock that morning. Wherever we went, we clarified the truth about Dafa. Eventually, we stood on the rostrum in Tiananmen, performed the hand gestures and sent forth righteous thoughts for one hour. Afterwards, we all returned home safely. From this experience, I came to realize:

A Clear Purpose Is Necessary

Our purpose was clear and focused, i.e., we went to Beijing to help Teacher rectify the Fa by sending forth our righteous thoughts and eradicating the evil in Tiananmen Square.

Sufficient Preparation Is Essential

Before we left, we had rectified all unrighteous thoughts in our minds and eliminated human attachments during several days of studying Dafa and through experience sharing. We realized in our hearts that Fa-rectification and eradication of the evil forces during this time are Dafa disciples' historic mission. Teacher said,

"...The purpose is so that while doing Fa-rectification things, you clarify the truth, whereby you all bring in, for the consummation of your paradises, beings that can be saved. As you consummate your own paradises you are, at the same time, eliminating your last karma, gradually getting rid of your human thoughts, and truly stepping forward from humanness." (From "Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples")

We all came to agreement on what we needed to do and then each made certain preparations: some of us bought folded paper fans and wrote carefully "Falun Dafa is good!" "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance," "Clear our Teacher's name!" and so on using writing brushes; some bought hats and stuck "Falun Dafa is good!" on the brims; some made stickers with "Supporting Dafa will be rewarded with good, persecuting Dafa will be met with evil." Some wrote "A Letter to People of Goodwill" and put copies into envelopes and some planned the route of our trip. On the whole, we had a well thought-out plan. With the verse "Already a god when obtaining the Fa" (from "Hong Yin"), and with all the supernormal abilities Teacher had given us, we left for Beijing with vigor and confidence.

Validating the Fa With Reason, Clarifying the Truth With Wisdom, Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts to Eradicate the Evil, With Our Hearts as Calm and Pure as Water and Our Minds as Firm and Immovable as Boulders

We sent forth righteous thoughts "Safeguard Dafa; return safely" when we left our home. We validated Dafa and clarified the truth wherever we went, leaving out nothing. For instance, as soon as we reached the railway station, we began to distribute the "Letter to People of Goodwill." On the train, we did not talk with each other; instead, we sent forth righteous thoughts together. When we arrived at the Beijing Railway Station and stood in line waiting for a taxi, we put up stickers with "Supporting Dafa will be rewarded with the good, persecuting Dafa with be met with evil" for all to see. We put stickers in the taxi as well. In the parks where there were many tourists, we put up stickers including ones that said "Falun Dafa is good!"

We went around Zhongnanhai [the central government compound] and sent forth righteous thoughts. We left folded paper fans against the poles by the roadside of Zhongnanhai. We walked tirelessly, putting up stickers along the passageways towards Jingshuiqiao Bridge, placing folded paper fans and letters on Jingshuijiao Bridge and on the grassy areas. We went to all the places we could think to go and did all we could think to do. In the end, we stepped onto the rostrum in Tiananmen with light packs. Facing Tiananmen Square, we performed the hand gestures and softly recited the phrase for eradicating the evil forces taught by Teacher, and sent forth righteous thoughts for one hour. The plainclothes officers walked past us many times and found nothing that they could take advantage of. Later on, we took the opportunity to take an instant photo in the center of the rostrum and then sent forth righteous thoughts and eradicated the evil again.

Acting is Better Than Thinking It Over a Hundred Times

We had decided to validate Dafa and send forth righteous thoughts in Tiananmen Square a long time ago. However, time after time, we did not take the first step. When I finally bought the tickets and was ready to leave for Beijing, the words from "Climbing Mount Tai" came to mind many times,

"Climbing high stairs, a path of thousands of feet, Winding and steep, difficult to make another step; Looking back, as if to watch the cultivation of the righteous Fa, One can hardly obtain salvation if stopping in mid-air. With a determined heart, lift the feet with legs weighing thousands of pounds, Forbearing hardships, striving forward, and discarding attachments..."

After I arrived in Beijing, nothing except the idea of Fa-rectification and sending forth righteous thoughts could enter into my mind. I felt my mind was empty and my body enormous, and I felt the great power of sending forth righteous thoughts.

We stepped forward late. We felt ashamed of our efforts when we compared ourselves with fellow practitioners. We are now determined to strive forward and catch up with the process of Fa-rectification.