1. Since the persecution of Falun Gong began, Dafa practitioner Li Fang (pseudonym) has been harassed numerous times at her home by Wang Wanzhong, the head of the police station at Zhuji Village of Huaiyang County, and his accomplice. At noon on the 24th of the second Lunar month [around mid-March] in the year 2000, two policemen from the police station coaxed Li Fang to go to the station and illegally detained her there. They then attempted to extort 5,000 Yuan RMB from her husband. Li's husband went to try to claim her with 700 Yuan that he had borrowed. As the amount was deemed insufficient, policeman Lei Chong pushed him out and warned: "If you do not hurry and get the money, we'll sentence your wife and send her to labor camp." The next day, Li's husband pulled together 1,000 Yuan with great difficulty. Only then did the police station release her. However, the police did not give them any receipt.

On the 30th of the first [lunar] month 2001, Wang Wanzhong attempted to trick Li Fang to go to the police station again. In order to avoid being taken away by the evil forces, Li Fang had to leave home and wandered about, leaving her 3-year old daughter behind. After Li left, Ren Wei, Zhao Min, Chen Jiachang, Wang Wanzhong and other policemen from the county police station, frequently came to Li's home making threats and illegally ransacking her house. They also went to Li's relatives who live hundreds of miles away to harass them. Li's elder sister was arrested by the local policemen and illegally detained for nine days. She was released only after they had extorted over 1,000 Yuan from her family.

2. Dafa practitioner Li Cuiying (widowed) of Zhuji Village went to legally appeal for Falun Gong in October 1999. She was illegally detained by the Huaiyang Public Security Bureau for five months and they extorted 5,000 Yuan from her. In October 2000 Wang Wanzhong and his gang kidnapped Li from her home, and illegally detained her at the police station for fifteen days. She was released only after she handed in 300 Yuan. In May 2001, Wang Wanzhong and his gang once again kidnapped Li while she was preparing dinner, and illegally detained her again. Due to the relentless harassment and extortion by the police, her existence is very trying. Her children have been forced to suspend their schooling and her 15-year old child is forced to work [in order to make a living].

3. There are many Dafa practitioners in Qinying village, in Doumen District. The village is renowned for its harmonious families and congenial neighborhood. On July 2001, vicious policeman Yuan Zichao of the Doumen District Police Station, Lei Naiyun from the district government, Chen Jiachang, the policeman from the Security Group of Huaiyang Public Security Bureau and others frequented the village to harass the villagers. They illegally arrested Qin Zhishan and his wife. Most other practitioners were forced to leave home to escape the persecution. Only the elderly and the children stay at home. The farmlands are left untended and the village is now filled with terror and desolation.

4. Dafa practitioner Lu Xin (pseudonym) is was forced to leave home to escape the police harrassment. Several villains from the security group of Huaiyang Public Security Bureau kidnapped his family members and used them as hostages. They were detained for 46 days before they were released.

5. Wang Wanzhong, the head of Zhuji Village Police Station, his mistress Zhang Xiying, and hooligan Liu Bin gang up to make a fortune at the expense of Dafa practitioners. Neither Zhang nor Liu are gainfully employed. They loiter about the villages to find out who practices Falun Gong. Reporting one Dafa practitioner can get them 1,000 Yuan in commission. On August 15, 2001, based on a report by Liu Bin and Zhang Xiying, Zhuji Village Police Station arrested seven practitioners who were merely reading Dafa materials. The police detained and demanded them to pay bribes. At least five thousand Yuan was extorted from each practitioner arrested. Those who could not pay were sent to the detention center.

6. Female Falun Gong practitioner Liu Hua (pseudonym) was working in the field when she was arrested by Wang Wanzhong and his gang. She was beaten at the police station and sustained injuries all over her body. The detention center refused to accept her due to the severity of the injuries. Wang had to bribe the police at the detention center before she was accepted. Currently her condition is unknown as no visitation is allowed.

7. On August 21, 2001, "Office 610 (an office specifically set up to persecute Falun Gong practitioners)" of Huaiyang County and the Security Group ignored the rules of law, and forced over 20 Falun Gong practitioners that were illegally detained in Huaiyang Detention Center to parade on the street.

8. Both Jian Yongjun and his wife in Doumen District practice Falun Gong. One night in April 2001, Jian's wife was kidnapped by several vicious policemen who broke into the house by jumping over the fence. She is now locked up at the Huaiyang Detention center. Jian Yongjun left home and drifted to other townships. Their 80-year old mother and several children are left uncared for at home. The evil did not stop at that. They went to their home many times and threatened that they would shoot Jian Yongjun as soon as they could lay their hands on him.

9. Dafa practitioner Lei Zhongchang of Xinzhan District went to Beijing to clarify the truth of the persecution against Dafa in January 2001. He was later detained at Huaiyang Detention center. He was resolute in his belief in Dafa and kept practicing at the detention center. The police at the detention center tortured him with every means imaginable. He was made to stand with a heavy firecracker machine on his head for over an hour, walk bare-foot in the snow with handcuffs and shackles. In April, the vicious people extorted 10,000 Yuan from his family before releasing him. In May he was kidnapped and is still being illegally detained.

The list of the vicious people at Huaiyang County:

Tian Qisong, the Secretary of County Political and Legal Department. Office number: 86-394-2661001

Ren Wei, Assistant Political Commissar of Huaiyang Public Security Bureau. Cell phone number: 86-13608619666

Security Group of the Public Security Bureau: Zhao Min (Political Instructor), Chen Jiachang, Li Changfeng

Huaiyang County Detention Center: Zhou Yongsheng, Cheng Shijun, Zhang Bingying

Zhuji Village Police Station: Wang Wanzhong. Home phone: 86-394-2661383, Office phone: 86-394-2930019, 2931010. Yang Jianliang, Jianli Wangyi (a nickname which tranlates to: "Forget about righteousness for profit"), Liu Bin, Zhang Xiying, Yuan Huanbang (about 37 years old), Chen Mingxin (about 35 years old), Chen Mingzhang (about 50 years old), Chen Xinghua (about 46 years old), Yuan Peiliang (about 35 years old).

Huaiyang County Party School: Liu Xuekun

Lutai Village Assitant Party Secretary: Xiao Quanling,

Lutai Village Police Station number: 86-394-2951066

Doumen Police Station: Li Xizhi, Yu Yang, Liu Xiaoming

Xinzhan Police Station: Xiao Zhen, Li Jianhua. Phone number: 86-394-286-1026

Fengtang Police Station: Liu Jitao