(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Lu Guixia (female) from the city of Shijiazhuang runs her own small dressmaking business. On the morning of May 12, 2001 at about 9:00 am, two practitioners went to her home to pick up clothes and to bring her materials. A moment later, Lu Guixia's cousin, Ren Yanfeng (female, a Dafa practitioner) along with her 3 year old son and the wife of Lu's cousin (a Dafa practitioner who is 7 months pregnant) also came to visit Lu's family. At that time, someone from the village public security committee was monitoring the street entrance to Lu's home.

Soon three or four people from the committee and a local policeman, Li Jingping, angrily rushed into Lu's home without showing any identification. They confiscated 16 audiocassettes (with the contents unknown) and searched for and stole three hand-made Falun emblems from a cabinet. They pushed Lu into a vehicle and illegally drove her to a police station. On May 14, they transferred Lu from the Taoyuan police station to Xinle Detention Center for a one-month detention.

Around noon on the same day, the local policemen illegally arrested Ren Yanfeng from Lu Guixia's home without reason. After they arrived at the Taoyuan police station, a policeman slapped her face several times. When the local police station from Ren Yanfeng's residential area refused to pick her up, the policeman Li Jingping from the Taoyuan police station illegally detained Ren Yanfeng for two days but failed to get any [information] from her, so he finally released her.

During Lu Guixia's illegal detention, Li Jingpping also went to Lu Guixia's cousin's home on three separate occasions to harass his family, despite the fact that the home is located outside of the Taoyuan police station's jurisdiction area. The policeman threatened the family, saying that he would take away Wu Jinxiu, Lu Guixia cousin's wife, who was 7 months pregnant. He also said that the family would be responsible [for expenses] if her baby was aborted.

After Lu Guixia was detained for one month, she was transferred back to the Taoyuan police station from Xinle Detention Center on June 14. However they still wouldn't release her. It was not until Lu staged a hunger strike for five days foregoing even water, was she bailed out by her family. But the committee still monitored her home day and night.

On June 25, the committee and the policeman, Li Jingping, illegally arrested Lu from her home again. Not aware of the arrest, her family members searched for her everywhere in order to find her whereabouts but failed. A week later, the police sent her family a "labor camp notice" based on fabricated lies purely for accusing her. After they delivered the notice, Li Jingping visited Lu's family several times in order to pressure them and to ask her husband to pay the meal cost during her detention. Being refused by the family, he further informed Lu's husband's work unit to deduct the money from his wages.

We hereby advise those police who still have a conscience: use your own reason and wisdom to judge what is righteous and evil; do not let yourself become Jiang Zemin's tool and be used to persecute innocent people. "Good will be rewarded with good and evil meets with evil"- this is a heavenly law. Immediately stop the crimes, or you will be severely punished by this heavenly law!

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