[News reported by Boxun.com, September 19, 2001]

The source area of the Yellow River, which is the mother-river of Chinese civilization and the second largest river in China, has endured abnormally high temperatures along with a dry climate since last June. Maduo County, and neighboring areas located near the main source of the Yellow River, has suffered immense drought.

According to Xinhua News Agency, the data from the local meteorological department shows that in the past five years the Yellow River source area has experienced extremely abnormal droughts, causing weak growth of pasture. The desiccation of rivers and lakes have resulted in the decrease of grasslands. Since June 2000, the area has experienced incessant high temperatures with a precipitation of rain reduction of 71%. The ratio between precipitation and evaporation is 1 to 9.4, recorded as the highest to date.

Maduo County is one of the single, animal husbandry counties, located along the Yellow River source. The seriousness of the drought has affected over 1,600 households, 7,600 herders and 380,000 domestic animals. According to estimations from the Department of Poultry, at least three hundred thousand domestic animals may not survive through the long winter ahead due to no pasture growth. The figures would account for over 90% of the total livestock in the county.

September 19, 2001