We were illegally arrested and thrown into the Shijiazhuang Labor Camp in 2000. At that time, the labor camp officials tried to brainwash us using methods including lecturing to us, having us watch videotapes and forcing us to listen to speeches made by the so-called "report team" [Note: These people are betrayers of Dafa --they are former practitioners] and brainwashing classes. In early April 2001, it was said that there was a directive from the higher government, stipulating that the percentage of practitioners to be brainwashed should reach 50%. The vicious guards started to adopt new measures including solitary confinement, beatings, new brainwashing classes, forcing us to squat for a long period of time, hanging us up, and "riding an airplane" (a painful torture with one's hands bent to the back and body laying flat on the floor). From time to time, they beat practitioners with fists and feet and threatened them. The police officials and their lackeys took turns beating practitioners. Several of them monitored the practitioners and did not allow us to sleep or rest. Many practitioners' feet and legs became swollen. A practitioner who was over 60 years old was tortured until he developed a serious blood clot. As for the determined practitioners, they took measures such as: separating them, rope punishment (tying up a person so tightly that it causes excruciating pain), beating with sticks, shocking, forcing lit cigarettes into the nostrils, burning them with cigarettes, scalding them with boiling water, pinching them with pliers, stabbing fingers with needles or thin nails, inserting a stick into the anus and forcibly moving it around, jabbing forcefully with elbow at the lower part of the back near the kidney and other cruel methods to torture practitioners. Many practitioners were taken to the dining room at midnight to be tortured. They were tortured so severely that they had to be carried back on a stretcher. Other tortures included handcuffing us from the back, hanging us in a high position for several days, and placing us in solitary confinement. The labor camp has used all kinds of vicious measures.

Take the fourth Team for an example, the guard forcibly brainwashed practitioners with all kinds of brutal means. Many practitioners lost consciousness after the rope punishment and were sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Two practitioners (names unknown) were threatened and tortured to the point of being mentally unbalanced only because they firmly persisted in practicing Dafa. Even under this situation, the guards still wouldn't let them go and forced them to write the so-called "four statements" which insult and betray their beliefs. They also used the sentimentality of practitioners towards their families and friends to force practitioners to give in.

The labor camp authorities extended the determined practitioners' jail terms, increased their punishment, and displaced them (changed the location and environment). Many practitioners were transferred to Kaiping of Tangshan City, Gaoyang of Baoding City and Handan Labor Camp to be forcibly brainwashed. For those they considered to be "good" (anyone who compromised or cooperated with the evil), they reduced their jail terms, released them in advance and even released them on the spot. It formed a strong contrast.

Many practitioners were tortured so severely that they became thinner daily, and even were tortured to the point of becoming mentally unbalanced. The guards even forced practitioners to do all kinds of labor both indoors and outdoors. Practitioners had to work from 7am to 11pm or 12pm, sometimes even to 2am or 3am the next morning, and still had to work the next day. Those who did not finish the work suffered from scolding and beatings.

Under an environment covered with vicious factors, facing life and death tests, the particles that cultivated in Dafa are still glittering. Practitioners Yan Jie, Chu Jing, Tie Mei and Zheng Yu (all pseudonyms) firmly safeguarded Dafa and resolutely refused to cooperate with the evil forces. They effectively validated Dafa and made people revere Dafa of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance."

Shijiazhuang Labor Camp has committed all kinds of evil crimes in persecuting practitioners of the orthodox Fa and planted the roots of endless retribution for themselves. In July 2001, the labor camp head, Wu Yuliang, and the head of the No.5 Team, Qin Fengchun, were caught and handcuffed in public due to corruption. They have been sentenced to jail.

It is said that the Shijiazhuang Labor Camp has become the so-called "example" of Jiang Zemin's criminal regime in persecuting Falun Gong. Their criminal and cruel expertise will be spread to the whole nation. Shijiazhuang City authorities spent 15 million Yuan that people earned by hard labor to build a brainwashing center. Now it is put to use - they put practitioners who were not sent to labor camps into the center, and those who refused to be brainwashed will be put into labor camps for detention. We ask all fellow practitioners to firmly safeguard Dafa and eliminate the evil with righteous thoughts from the overall view of the Fa-rectification.

The phone numbers of the criminals:

  1. The switchboard of Team 1,3 and 5 of Shijiazhuang Labor Camp: 011-86-311-7754007, the extension of the head Wu Yuliang: 210
  2. The extension of the Management Department of Shijiazhuang Labor Camp (which is very rude and does not allow practitioners' family members to visit): 207
  3. The head of Shijiazhuang Labor Camp Zhao Yunlong, the political commissar Wang Bingfang
  4. Address: 22 Beijiao Street (Team 5, Labor Camp)
    Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, postal code: 050051

    Phone: 011-86-311-7752350






    Another address: 10 Beicheng Road, Shijiazhuang City, Postal code: 050000

    Phone: 011-86-311-7767140, 011-86-311-7797124, 011-86-311-7797145

    The switchboard of Team 5: 011-86-311-7754007

    The head of No.1 Squadron: Liu,

    No.2 Squadron: Lu

    No.3 Squadron: Li

    No.4 Squadron: Zhang

  5. The address of report center of Labor Camp:
  6. 20 Beijiao Street, Shijiazhuang City, 050051

    Phone: 011-86-311-7752225

  7. Team 2 (male team):
  8. North of Zhaolingpu Village, Shijiazhuang City. Postal code: 050051

    The switchboard: 011-86-311-7777689

    The head, Zhao Zhiqian's extension: 628

    Management Section's extension 619

    (a policewoman who is rude and always tells lies)

    Alert Section: head Zhao

    No.4 Squadron: head Zhao's extension: 635

  9. The address of Team 3:
  10. 22 Beijiao Street, Shijiazhuang City.

    The heads are: Zhao Bin and Yang Guang

  11. The address of Team 4: 8 Nangaoji Street, Shijiazhuang City, postal code; 050061 The head is Shang Changming

Phone: 011-86-311-7777689 ext: 660 or 011-86-311-7793644, 7780336

The head of Management Section: Li Weizhen, Chen Jianguo

Evil policeman: Geng Xingjun.

Phone of management Section: 011-86-311-7777689 ext: 663

The head of No.2 Squadron: Wang Huanfang, ext: 666

Policeman Li Zhenping from No.2 Squadron:

Home phone: 011-86-311-7779557

8. The switchboard of Team 2 and Team 4: 011-86-311-7777689