(Clearwisdom.net) Below are some excerpts from actual stories about the ongoing persecution against several Falun Gong practitioners held in the Beijing Labor Reeducation Dispatching Office (The Dispatching Office) and Xinan Labor Camp. Additionally, I attest to the credibility of these stories as I have been witness to them.

  1. Ren Mei is a female practitioner from Jiangsu Province. On the first day that she arrived at the Dispatching Office, the persecutors punished her by forcing her to squat on the ground under the baking sun. By that time, she had been on hunger strike for 6 days. She soon fainted from the torture. The headman on duty thought she was faking her condition and shocked her on her head with an electric stun baton for an extended period of time, yet Ren had no response. The headman then became afraid and sent the practitioner to the emergency room of a nearby hospital. By the time they reached the hospital, the doctor said that Ren Mei's pupils had dilated to 150% of the normal size and she was barely alive. If she were not a practitioner, she might have died. Amazingly, after one day and one night in the emergency room, Ren woke up and became conscious.
  2. Hou is a female practitioner from Beijing. In the Dispatching Office, she asked for the right to practice the exercises and went on hunger strike when it was not permitted. Many male police staff tied her up to a chair and used several electric batons to shock her breasts and her genitals. As a result, she lost control of her bowel and bladder, and could not walk for a long time.
  3. Ma Ronghong is another female practitioner from Beijing. Because she practiced the exercises in the Dispatching Office, the persecutors cuffed her on a bed for more than 50 days, causing the skin and muscle on her back and buttock to develop festering sores. After she was released, she could barely walk. While she was cuffed to the bed, the guards who watched over her often sat on her and ruthlessly beat her. After Ma Ronghong was transferred to the Xinan Labor Camp, in order to force her to give up her cultivation, the wicked police staff did not allow her to sleep for 5 days and 5 nights. They also ordered Han Shaoqin and other "helping and educating personnel" to beat her continuously. Even one month after the torture, there were still black and blue marks visible on her thighs from the beatings.
  4. Liu Shengping is also a female practitioner from Beijing. In The Dispatching Office, because she refused to write a pledge against Falun Gong, the vicious police staff stripped off all her clothes, pushed her against the cold floor, and shocked her with 4 or 5 electric batons. The electric voltage was so high that even with someone stepping on her, forcing her down, her body jumped off the floor involuntarily with spasms. When she was transferred to the Xinan Labor Camp, her chest and back were covered with burn marks left by the electric batons.
  5. Practitioner Huang Jian, also from Beijing, was not allowed to sleep for 12 days and 12 nights because he/she refused to give up her cultivation practice.
  6. Zhang Shuying is a female practitioner from Beijing. In Dongcheng District Detention Center, she went on hunger strike. The persecutors there tortured her with an "electric needle." [note: this refers to the intentional misuse of electroshock therapy devices whereby a needle can be inserted conducting a strong electric current that can be turned up higher at will] The electric current was so strong, that she lost consciousness. After she recovered, she felt that she had lost her memory and her thoughts were very muddled. While in the Dispatching Office, in her confused state of mind, she wrote pledges against Dafa. After she returned to the labor camp, her mind became clearer, and she realized that she had committed wrongdoings.
  7. He Wen is another female practitioner in her 50's from Beijing. On the nights of November 4th and 5th of last year, He Wen was beaten by "helping and educating" personnel (Zhong Xianghong and others) in an office of the Xinan Labor Camp. At that time, the officers on duty were Han Xiuying and Zhang Ran. He Wen was beaten so badly that the left half of her face turned black and blue. On November 6th, when Wang Zhaofeng was on duty, she did not allow He Wen to go downstairs to eat in order to cover up the incident of torture. On April 23, He Wen was due to be released from the labor camp. However, since she still refused to give up her cultivation, the persecutors illegally extended her term for another half a year. From last November, she was only allowed to eat corn bread and pickled vegetables.
  8. Yong Xu is a female practitioner from Beijing. The persecutors did not allow her to sleep for 4 days and 4 nights in order to force her to give up cultivation. Yong Xu was later beaten by "helping and educating" personnel Yan Haiyan, Li Huiru and others. The practitioner's face was covered with black and blue bruises, and her lips were swollen badly. We do not know if she also had some additional bruises on her body.
  9. Zhu Xuanwu is a male practitioner from the northeast. He is 6 feet tall. When he first entered Dongcheng District Detention Center, he weighed 200 pounds. When he came out, he weighed a mere 140 pounds, and one of his legs was permanently damaged by the heavy weight of the shackles cuffed around his ankles (these shackles on average weigh 40 to 80 pounds and are only put on inmates ordered for execution). In the labor camp, he was also beaten so badly that he vomited blood. In addition, his term was illegally extended for 6 months because he firmly cultivates Dafa.
  10. Since last November, all the practitioners placed into the labor camps were forced to write pledges or repentence letters against Dafa. Those practitioners who refuse to write were deprived of sleep for extended periods. When I left the labor camp, a practitioner in the No. 7 group had not been permitted to sleep for 13 days! After July, the record became one month!

The policy about the labor reeducation personnel of our country clearly said that the daily labor time cannot exceed 6 hours, study time should be more than 3 hours, and that the living area per person has to be bigger than 27 square feet. However, in the Dispatching Office, 20 people were put into a room less than 90 square feet. In the hot summer when temperatures went as high as 40oC, many practitioners were not allowed to take showers or change clothes for 5 months. Since there were too many practitioners arrested, and there were not enough summer clothes, some practitioners were forced to wear thick winter clothes in July and August, the middle of the summer. Only when the practitioners were all about to collapse from heat exhaustion, the guards allowed them to stay in the cells naked. Since there was no drinking water provided, and because they were so hot and so thirsty, practitioners even drank the water that they had used to wash their faces.

These are true stories of what is happening in the labor camps of Beijing in the 21st century!