August 19, 2001


On July 12, I brought Master Li's new articles and Dafa materials to a village with a fellow practitioner. We were arrested by local evil people and were handcuffed together. While we were being taken to the detention center, my fellow practitioner and I sent forth righteous thoughts that we had to leave and definitely would never cooperate with the evil. There are still countless people who need to be saved on the outside. When talking to the people who escorted us, I used my left hand to pull the handcuffs quietly and then my right hand was released from the handcuff. Then I opened the door and jumped out of the car right away and the other practitioner jumped out after me. The car didn't stop until it had driven a long way. We were pulled back into the car by force and taken to the hospital.

At that time, I felt severe pain in my legs and could not stand up and my head was also bleeding. Then I enlightened that if we jumped out of the car and successfully ran away, we could not go back to our homes and this would affect the local Dafa activities. Then why don't we turn the evil's stratagem to our advantage? If we could not escape, then we wouldn't try to run away. We needed to calmly return to the Fa-rectification and play the role of Dafa particles.

At this time I remembered that in Zhuan Falun it is said: "It is known that what actually causes people to become ill is seventy percent psychological and thirty percent physiological. Typically, one experiences a mental breakdown, the mind cannot handle it, and one suffers a heavy mental burden before the illness' condition drastically worsens. It is usually like this." I thought that since Master Li tells us this law principle, then it must have a role to play here. I gave hints to my fellow practitioner sitting beside me to control our bodies with our mind-intent and make them appear to be in a serious condition and think that we must go back home before it got dark. I tried my best to think my health was in a terrible state. In the hospital, doctors gave me a medical exam and concluded that my pulse was too weak and my heartbeat was too fast. I tried my best to control my body and appear to be in coma, with cold limbs. My whole body could not move, and I could not open my mouth or my eyes. But my consciousness was clear. No matter how they tickled our feet or pinched us, we didn't have any reaction but we were very clear-minded. So this time they were really afraid and tried to shirk responsibility among themselves.

They agreed to send us home unconditionally. In this way, we overcame the evil with our righteous thoughts. Then I was carried into the car. However, as soon as the car started to leave, my legs and feet could move again. I still felt some pain in my left arm and right leg. My head was wrapped in thick gauze, but I didn't feel painful at all. Back home we completely recovered after several days, and it seemed that we had not been hurt at all.

Afterward, we heard that those who arrested or beat us, and who dealt with or got involved in this issue, all received retribution to different extents!