Shi Aicheng, the vice-principal of the Xiaobali Village brainwashing school in Fengrun County, Hebei Province, is a criminal who persecutes Dafa practitioners. He has used all kinds of brutal methods to torture those who do not give up practicing Falun Gong, and he even harasses the female practitioners. With the money he has forcefully seized from practitioners, he indulges in dining, drinking, soliciting prostitutes, and gambling. Although his evil conduct was revealed on Clearwisdom.net, he still received praise and rewards from the leaders of Fengrun County. Recently, Shi Aicheng's throat has become swollen and painful, which has made him unable to speak. Moreover, his whole body is in discomfort. He frequently visits doctors and receives injections and infusions, but none of these have been effective. He is now struggling and in pain.

In the same brainwashing school, there is an inhumane female police officer named Yang Shuyun who has also persecuted practitioners. Now, her whole body is weak. She doesn't even have the strength to stand. She went to see a doctor but the doctor couldn't identify her ailment. This is only the beginning of her retribution. If she continues to persecute Dafa (the Great Law), then even more severe retribution will fall on her.

Zhu Liansheng, male, 52 years old, was from the Xingda Seasoner Factory in Guye District, Tangshan City. He was corrupt and ruthless. He would frequently deduct employees' wages as a punishment, claiming that he was "implementing the factory's rules and regulations." Then he would keep the wages he deducted rather than hand them to the company's finance department. He explained that he did this "to earn some change." Zhu Liansheng became even more vicious when Jiang Zemin and his group of scoundrels started persecuting Falun Gong. He came up with many ideas for the factory to harm Dafa practitioners. He also frequently slandered Dafa and Teacher Li. On July 14, 2001, he fell into a pool of boiling water. His skin melted and peeled off. After suffering in the Tangshan Third People's Hospital for 18 days, he died.

We sternly warn those vicious people who persecute Dafa (the Great Law.): Stop your cruel behavior immediately. Treasuring Dafa and Dafa practitioners is treasuring yourself.

Tangshan Xingda Seasoner Factory telephone: +86-315-3252583 Tangshan Third People Hospital telephone: +86-315-3252666

Liang, the former associate chief of Chucun Village Police Station in Weihai City, has been hostile toward Dafa. He actively participates in the persecution against practitioners and has committed many immoral deeds. He has come to suffer retribution for his evil actions. Recently, he was dismissed from his position, and his wrongdoing is under investigation.

Li Xueping, a driver from Chucun Village denigrated Dafa and Teacher Li and, as a consequence, he suffered retribution by being laid off.

A 48-year-old villager, Zhang Xinjian, has also been aggressive toward Dafa. He tore down Dafa material that was posted. Within half a year, he died from liver cirrhosis.

Sun Baozhi also defaced Dafa material. His wrong deed implicated a family member, his wife, and thus caused her to be hospitalized twice. The medical expenses exceeded 5,000 Yuan (about $600, average monthly income in China is about $60), but her condition has not improved.

Last New Year's Day, several practitioners from Xinmin Town, Xindu County, Sichuan Province, went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa, but were escorted back by police. During the illegal interrogation of a female practitioner, a policeman named Yin Xiande unreasonably slandered our great Teacher. Then the practitioners advised him, "Young man, treasuring Dafa is treasuring your own life. Please do not speak irresponsibly," but he ignored them and continued slandering Dafa. Then the practitioners warned him sternly, "You will receive retribution!" In less than one month, on his way to arrest practitioners, Yin Xiande was in a motorcycle accident. His motorcycle slid under a car and he died. He received retribution.

In addition to the police, the government in Xindu County has also shown its disregard for the law and justice. Local government officials of Juntun Town in Xindu County paraded the practitioners who went to Beijing in the streets. They even cuffed a female practitioner who was over 70 years old to a tree to humiliate her in public. They brutally beat those who refused to give up practicing Falun Gong. The township government invited two thugs to beat Dafa practitioners. Before these two villains were to beat the practitioners, they ate lunch in a restaurant. While they ate, a car passed by on the road. One of the tires on the car came off and hit the two people. One of the thug's had two ribs broken and his intestines were exposed.

These bad people have accumulated much karma, and in addition, they have the intention to aid the vicious old forces to persecute the Heavenly Law. As a result, they rapidly received retribution.

Under the orders of director Chen Shen, Guanko Police Station in Xishui County fabricated charges and crimes at will and illegally detained four practitioners for several weeks. During their detention, practitioners were treated inhumanely.

While arresting a practitioner, a vicious policeman put him in the trunk of a police car to hide his crime, which almost suffocated the practitioner to death. This inhumane treatment upset everybody there, including other policemen. Another vicious policeman illegally searched a practitioner's residence and took 200 Yuan, which was all the money the practitioner had to pay his parents' medical bills. This practitioner is very poor. There are seven people of three generations in his family, and among them three are school-age children and two are ill parents. He is the only source of income for the family. When the vicious policeman could not find any wealth to take, he complained, "You are so poor. You have nothing but a few books in your home."

Good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil. This is heaven's principle. Recently police station director Chen Shen was charged for issuing fake police IDs and other law enforcement IDs to local hoodlums for money. All the hoodlums were also arrested and some other policemen were punished as well. For persecuting Falun Gong, not only did Chen Shen encounter retribution, but his family members were also affected. His father was recently sent to Wuhan [Capital city of Hubei Province ] because of an unknown disease, and is trying to extend his life by paying for costly medical treatment.

Here once again we warn all the evil people: Stop persecuting Dafa; stop committing crimes. Otherwise, retribution is waiting for you.

Lou, guard of Yichun City Custodial Center, often slanders Dafa and Teacher. Ignoring the advice of Dafa practitioners, she claimed to be bold and not afraid of any retribution. Starting from the beginning of 2001, she suffered gall bladder pain. She asked a Dafa practitioner whether it was retribution and the practitioner told her to think about it herself. Since then she restrained herself for about a month. After that, she started slandering Dafa again and what she did very negatively affected those around her. In March of 2001, the gall bladder pain recurred. She suffered infection a couple of times after operations and is still in the hospital. Dafa practitioners warn all villains: Stop doing evil because that will hurt you sooner or later. You will have a bright future only if you stop the evil acts and have a kind heart.

Zu, Deputy Director of Yichun City Police Department, 49 years old, often organizes persecution against Dafa practitioners, restricts practitioners' freedom (whether or not they still practice), disallows practitioners to visit each other, and illegally arrests practitioners. Recently he suddenly died from an unknown cause. Some say this is a good example of immediate retribution in this lifetime.

Wang Xiyou, resident of Huajiaqiao Village, Nong'an County, Jilin Province, purposely tore down a Dafa poster. Once he got back home, his leg started aching so badly that he could not even move. His neighbors said, "This has to be retribution for tearing down the Dafa poster." He later borrowed Zhuan Falun and started reading it, and the leg ache gradually disappeared.

Zhang Lei, resident of Huajiaqiao Village, tried to persuade his daughter-in-law to stop practicing Dafa. He suffered a sore throat and stomachache the next day and had to take a lot of medicine to relieve the pain.

Li Shuyou, official of Huajiaqiao Village, constantly monitors Dafa practitioners and encourages other villagers to persecute Dafa saying, "Whoever needs money, you will get a 1,000-Yuan reward for arresting a Falun Gong practitioner." After that, his wife broke her legs when riding a bike, and later broke her arms again in fall.

Wang Jinglan, resident of Huajiaqiao Village, had learned and benefited from Dafa. But when her daughter-in-law was arrested for practicing Dafa, she slandered Dafa a lot, and her mouth became crooked. Since then, she did not dare to slander Dafa any more.

Sun Dejun, chairman of the Security Committee of Huajiaqiao Village, monitors Dafa practitioners. His wife recently suffered a stroke, causing her mouth to become slack and her eyes to wander due to her condition. She couldn't understand what was wrong with her. She hasn't realized that good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil is the principle of heaven. All those who continue to persecute Dafa and Dafa practitioners: Not only will you receive retribution but your relatives and friends may suffer too.