(Clearwisdom.net) What forms Buddha's diamond-like body? It is made from righteous thoughts. "Matter and mind are one thing." [Zhuan Falun] "How strong the righteous thoughts, how great the mighty power."

Where do the righteous thoughts come from? They come from the Fa. The West talks about belief, the East speaks of enlightenment. "Enlightenment must come before seeing." The stronger the righteous belief and righteous enlightenment are, the more the correct opinions and righteous thoughts prevail. At the same time these strengthen a cultivators' righteous belief and righteous enlightenment. Doing this, we will completely dissolve into the Fa.

When a cultivator's every cell is filled with righteous thoughts--that is, when every cell is assimilated to Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, the cultivator's mind is then without omission, without ordinary people's attachments and opinions. When all is without omission, Fa-rectification is accomplished. The new and immense universe will shine brilliantly.

Another meaning of "safeguarding the Fa" is to protect that part of our life that has already assimilated to the Fa. This is to take responsibility for ourselves, to take responsibility for our diamond-like Buddha's bodies, and to take responsibility for beings that can be saved. Thus, it is to take responsibility for the righteous factors in the universe.

What Teacher has arranged for us is... "while doing Fa-rectification work, you clarify the truth whereby you all bring in, for the consummation of your paradises, beings that can be saved." ("Fa-Rectification-Period Dafa Disciples") In the course of saving others, the savior must himself be completely clear-minded, and be aware of the dangers others face. Just like putting out a fire, one should know about the type of fire and then take the appropriate measures; otherwise the fire may instead grow bigger and even burn the extinguisher. In other words, our main consciousness must always be clear. This is a difference between Falun Dafa and other cultivation ways from the past!

Fundamentally speaking, the reason why the old forces can make these evil arrangements is that our deviation from the Fa makes us agree with its old notions. As practitioners who cultivate Falun Dafa, it is crucial to uncover one's original true self in order to understand what is happening based on Fa principles. The goal of the evil's arrangements is to make us conform to the old notions, and remain unaware that all beings in the universe have deviated from the Fa.

If, based on principles of the Fa, we cannot recognize what the arrangements in Europe are--that is, which ones are made by the evil forces--and what our attachments are, then the consequences of these arrangements will be directed by the old notions. An important step in breaking through these arrangements is to use our wisdom and rationality, based on the principles of the Fa, to penetrate and see these arrangements for what they are. When we are solidly grounded in Fa principles and recognize clearly the evil's arrangements, breaking through them will take place in a flash.

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