(Clearwisdom.net) On July 31, 2001, people from the police department of Xishui County set a trap to deceive Yue Hanqing into coming to its main office.

On August 1, at about 6:50pm, the wicked police officers Tao Jingsong and Hu Gunagming took Yue Hanqing to Room 103 of the guesthouse at the Land Tax Department of Xishui County and interrogated him. They repeatedly asked Yue the following four questions: 1. How many slogans have you painted in public places? 2. How many truth-clarifying materials have you distributed and how many posters have you put up in public places? 3. Where did you get these posters and material? 4. Who do you have contact with?

Yue replied: "I have been doing my work at the construction site all the time, and did not do these things." The two wicked police began to mercilessly beat and torture Yue, intending to force Yue to confess. Yue silently recited in his heart, "The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated." At the same time he thought to himself that he could not confess, accept their words, and comply with the evil even if he had to die in the end. The wicked police kept hitting and kicking Yue's abdomen, ribs, head and face. The beatings and kicking made Yue feel dizzy. He almost fainted, even though he had tried very hard to endure it all. Hu Guangming forcefully stuffed one slipper into Yue's mouth and didn't stop the torture until Yue vomited and finally fainted.

The police sent Yue to the second detention center after 9 PM.

At 9 AM of August 17th, policemen Tao Jingsong, Hu Gunagming and Gan Shitao, took Yue to a hotel and illegally interrogated him again. A thug named, Tao Jingsong, slammed Yue's head against the closet by his hair until Yue's head was bruised and bleeding. They kept torturing him until on many places, the skin on Yue's shoulder and neck were torn off. On Yue's left shoulder, a 2 to 3 centimeter wide patch of skin was abraded off and was bloody. Yue felt extremely weak and thirsty, so he requested some water to drink. Not only did the thug Tao Jingsong not give Yue any water, but he also stuffed cigarettes into Yue's nostrils four times with great force, each time stuffing it deeper and deeper. Thug Gan Shitao brought a bottle of water to give Yue to drink, but he used this opportunity to forcefully insert the bottle into Yue's mouth and violently twisted it around. Yue's gum, upper jaw, lower jaw, and lip were bleeding, and his mouth was full of blood.

These thugs have used all kinds of inhumane means to brutally torture good citizens. Do they still have a consciences or human nature left in their hearts? Who can still be fooled and deceived by the propaganda of the evil regime led by Jiang Zemin that "this is the best period of the human rights in China?"

Even though the wicked police applied all kinds of tortures to Yue, they could not force him to give in and cooperate with them. The practitioners use the righteous thoughts to restrain the evil, and apply the massive compassion and forbearance of these thoughts to validate Dafa. How magnificent this is! The practitioners have firmly safeguarded Dafa and built up their mighty virtue.

When this manuscript was completed and sent out, Yue Hanqing was still in jail.