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  • The Power of Righteous Thoughts
  • The Experience of Young Tianhang Rectifying the Fa
  • An Indestructible Dafa Practitioner
  • Latest Situation of the Family of Dafa Practitioner Zou Songtao Who was Persecuted to Death
  • 3,000 Yuan Fine for Picking up a Piece of Paper
  • Police Group in Harbin City Searches Passengers' Personal Bags at Will
  • Holding a Dafa Experience Sharing Meeting in Jilin Province
  • Dafa Practitioners in a Certain City Step Out of their Human Confinement on a Large Scale
  • Dafa Materials Supply Station in Baicheng City, Jilin Province, is Destroyed
  • Large-Scale Kidnapping and Brainwashing Sentences of Practitioners by People from "610 Offices" in Zhanjiang and Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
  • Exposing the Qian'an County Police Department's Evil Persecution of Dafa Practitioners
  • People Obtain the Fa in Prison
  • A Langfang City Dafa Practitioner is Illegally Sentenced for Printing and Distributing Truth-Clarifying Flyers
  • News from Henan Province Women's Labor Camp
  • A Suggestion for Daqing City Practitioners to Collectively Send Forth Righteous Thoughts to Eradicate "Brainwashing Class"
  • Liu Jiping from the Government Office of Zhangxing Town, Zhaoyuan City Commits Numerous Crimes
  • Beijing Dafa Practitioner Kan Shufeng is Detained


[Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province] The Power of Righteous Thoughts

Recently, as the result of Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts at home and abroad and the great pressure from international consensus, Jiamusi City Labor Camp released some practitioners whose detention terms had expired and whose release had been due or overdue. The officials also changed their attitude toward practitioners.

[China] The Experience of Young Tianhang Rectifying the Fa

Last year, young Tianhang and his parents went to validate Dafa in Beijing. Afterwards they were escorted back to their village and detained in a police office. He was detained in a separate room.

The vicious police asked him, "Are you still going to practice?"

"Yes, I will keep practicing."

"If you still practice, I will cut off your little penis. Are you still going to practice?"

"Yes!" young Tianhang answered without fear.

Then the vicious police fiercely asked him, "Are you still going to validate Dafa in Beijing?"

Young Tianhang answered, "If someone I know goes to Beijing, I will go with him."

The vicious police was in a rage. He cursed, "I don't believe I can't control you!"

A young boy's determined heart in Dafa shocked all the policemen.

[Jianmusi City, Heilongjiang Province] An Indestructible Dafa Practitioner

Practitioner Zhang Puhe was tortured to the point where he couldn not breathe properly in the Jiamusi Labor Camp and sent back home. He previously weighed 80kg (approximately 168 lbs) and was 1.78-meter tall (approximately 6 feet). When he got home he only weighed 40kg. In order to force him to give up practicing, the vicious local farm officials forced his wife to divorce him. They also suspended his family members' salaries. In the end, they forcibly sent Zhang Puhe back to the labor camp, though he had only returned home a few days ago. Officials in the labor camp took him to the hospital for examination and X-rays. They dared not to accept him due to his poor health condition. Eventually, Zhang Puhe went back home. The vicious local officials had exhausted all their tricks. Fellow practitioners went to visit him and found him vigorous, although he had lost half of his weight.

[Qingdao City, Shandong Province] Latest Situation of the Family of Dafa Practitioner Zou Songtao who was Persecuted to Death

I received some information recently from a practitioner in Qingdao City about Zou Songtao's family. After Zou Songtao was tortured to death, the Qingdao City government authorities continued to persecute his family. His wife Yunhe had to live in exile due to the vicious persecution. The grandmother died at the end of August 2001. The old grandfather had to take care of the two-year-old grandchild by himself. Before the grandmother died, when the grandfather took care of her in the hospital, a practitioner helped take care of the child. As a result, the vicious police put the practitioner into a brainwashing class and then sent him (or her) to the Wang Village Labor Camp.

Who is persecuting the family? Who has lost all compassion? Everyone can figure out the answers from this story.

Nowadays, practitioners in Qingdao City take the initiative to clarify the truth. They break through all the arrangements by the evil with righteous thoughts. They will not fail to fulfill the divine vow of assisting Teacher to rectify the Fa.

[Huaiyang County, Henan Province] 3,000 Yuan Fine for Picking up a Piece of Paper

On August 27, a villager from Zhuji's Unit 8, Huaiyang County, picked up a piece of Dafa truth-clarifying literature and brought it home. A vicious person found out about it and reported him to the police. Policeman Wang Wanzhong and others broke into the villager's home and ransacked it. They claimed that the villager was a practitioner. Eventually the police extorted 3,000 Yuan from this villager.

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Police Group Searches Passengers' Personal Bags at Will

In Harbin City, a group of police search passengers' personal bags at will. If they suspect someone, they will drag him (or her) out to do a bag search. It is clear that this action is for identifying Falun Gong practitioners.

[Jilin Province] Holding a Dafa Experience Sharing Meeting

On September 16, 2001, more than seventy people attended a Dafa experience sharing meeting in Jilin Province. It started at 8 a.m. and ended at noon. Some practitioners who were just released from labor camps and some others who cultivated firmly shared their experiences. Practitioners also shared their thoughts and understandings on how to validate Dafa, how to clarify the truth, and how to offer salvation to people. After thoroughly discussing these issues together as a group, the practitioners felt greatly encouraged.

[Heilongjiang Province] Dafa Practitioners in a Certain City Step Out of their Human Confinement on a Large Scale

In a city of Heilongjiang Province, Dafa practitioners have actively stepped out of their human confinement, clarifying the truth to people, exposing the evil and offering salvation to people. They have brought to people the greatest compassion of Master Li, and have awakened more and more people, also spreading Dafa materials from the countryside to the city. Handsome and outstanding Falun Dafa's banners could be seen everywhere, from main streets to side roads. Even the cars of spies were pasted with posters. People all said, "Falun Gong is really remarkable. The more one tries to catch them, the more they grow. They are all good people. Only Jiang Zemin does not allow people to practice. We will come to learn when you have rectified the Fa." The reinforcement of strength, spreading the Fa and clarifying the truth has weakened the evil's lies in threatening, scaring, and coercing people.

[Baicheng City, Jilin Province] Dafa Materials Supply Station is Destroyed

According to present information, on September 15, 2001, police from Baicheng City Police Department and from the Public Security Bureau illegally ransacked a practitioner's house where Dafa materials were printed. They confiscated a computer, a copy machine, a laser printer, an inkjet printer, a CD writer, CDs, papers, and much stationery and Dafa materials. A brother and sister team of Dafa practitioners, practitioners Wu Qingdong and Wu Qingchun and their father, who is the present Deputy Secretary in the People' Committee in Baicheng City, a high-ranking official, were all arrested. Tens of thousands of Yuan in capital investment were lost.

[Zhanjiang City, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province] Large-Scale Kidnapping and Brainwashing Sentences of Practitioners by People from the "610 Offices"

Recently, authorities from the "610 Offices" in Zhanjiang City and Guangzhou City in Guangdong Province have kidnapped practitioners on a large scale and put them into brainwashing classes. Some practitioners were illegally detained in various labor camps. Some of them have been there for more than fifteen days. Guangzhou City's brainwashing classes were held at Guangzhou City Legal System College in Chatou Town. More than ten practitioners were detained there, one practitioner per room. Each practitioner's work unit has to hire two people to watch them around the clock. Practitioners have no freedom. In the daytime, someone would brainwash them. Police know that this way they cannot force practitioners to give up their cultivation, but only use it as an excuse to further torture practitioners.

The Telephone number of the office in charge of Falun Gong in Guangzhou City Legal System College is: 011-86-20-81730648

[Songyuan City, Jilin Province] Exposing the Qian'an County Police Department's Evil Persecution of Dafa Practitioners

Gao Fengqin, female, 44 years old, resident of No. 2 Branch Police Station's prefecture in Ningjiang District of Songyuan City. On July 20, 2001, while she was cooking at home, local policeman Fan Zhongchang along with two other policemen from the branch police station suddenly broke into her home and conducted an illegal search. They found two Dafa banners and one Dafa book, so they took Gao to the former Ningjiang District Detention Center for illegal detention. On the seventh day of her detention, Zhao Yanhai and Yuan Ye, officials from the Qian'an County Police Station Politics and Security Section came to the detention center. They took Gao away and detained her in the Qian'an County Detention Center, charging that she went to Qian'an County to deliver Dafa materials in November 2000. They illegally interrogated her many times and asked her the name of the person who printed Dafa materials and the source of the materials. Gao affirmed her righteous thoughts, and didn't cooperate with the evil. She didn't write a guarantee letter or sign any documents. She was illegally detained for 35 days and later sentenced to one year of forced labor.

Chai Hongyan, female, 31 years old, a farmer in Nengmo Village of Lanzi County subdivision in Qian'an County. In December 2000, she was illegally detained for over 40 days by the Qian'an County Police Department, because she persisted in Dafa practice and refused to sign her name. She was to be detained for not writing a guarantee letter. On July 16, 2001, Chai carried Dafa materials on her back and walked to Beijing to validate the Fa. She distributed truth-clarifying literature on her way to Beijing. When she walked into Baokang Police Station's prefecture in Inner Mongolia AR, she was arrested by the local police and illegally detained at the Baokang Police Station. When the Qian'an County Police Department learned Chai had been detained, several vicious policemen, including Shao Yongmei, were sent to bring her back from Baokang and detain her in the Qian'an County Police Department. On their way back, policewoman Shao Yongmei tightly tied both of Chai's hands behind her back with a rope. The rope was so tight that her hands became bruised and swollen. Shao also brutally beat Chai and hit her violently countless times on their way back. After they arrived at the Qian'an County Police Department, Zhao Yanhai and Yuan Ye severely beat and tortured her many times and forced her to write a guarantee letter. She persevered in Dafa cultivation and her heart remained unmoved. After she was illegally detained for 38 days, she was sentenced to one-and-a-half years of forced labor and was sent to Changchun City for illegal detention.

Xia Lirong, female, 56 years old. On December 14, 2000, she went to Beijing to validate Dafa and was arrested by the police in Tiananmen Square and detained in Chengnan Custodial Center in Beijing. Because her determination in Dafa cultivation was firm and she insisted on practicing Dafa exercises in the custodial center, the officials ordered her and other practitioners to stand outside barefoot in the snow at minus 20 degrees Centigrade weather. Her family was not notified of her detention until she was detained for more than two months. When the local police learned about her return, they immediately went to her home to arrest her and forced her to write a guarantee letter. In order not to cooperate with the evil, she resolutely left home to promote the Fa. She is currently forced onto the streets and is homeless.

Yu Guochen, 29 years old; Yu Shuyuan, 33 years old; Yin Guifang, 52 years old; Huang Shulan, 50 years old. All of them were farmers in Lanzi Village of Qian'an County. On July 16, 2001, Yu Guochen along with his mother Yin Guifang, his sister Yu Shuyuan and his aunt Huang Shulan went out of town to promote the Fa and to distribute Dafa truth-clarifying literature. Malicious local police arrested them. Policemen including Shao Yongmei from Qian'an County escorted them back from the remote village (where they went to). On their way back, the four of them were tied together with ropes and everyone's hands were tied closely together behind his/her back. Shao Yongmei beat them constantly. After they got to the Qian'an County Police Department, thug policemen Zhao Yanhai and Yuan Ye cruelly beat them. They hit Yin Guifang and Huang Shulan's faces with spring water bottles until they became misshapen and their eyes were too swollen to open. When the policemen were tired of beating, they kicked and trampled on the practitioners. Zhao Yanhai, a vile policeman, not only kicked and punched practitioners, but he also took unusual pleasure in kicking female practitioners' lower abdomens. Under the pressure of coercion and inhuman torture, the practitioners affirmed their righteous thoughts and belief and decided never to betray Dafa and Teacher. The three female practitioners were illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor, and Yu Guochen to one-and-a-half years of forced labor.

[Qian'an County, Jilin Province] People Obtain the Fa in Prison

I got in contact with many prisoners during my detention in the Qian'an County Custodial Center in Jilin Province. Among them, four said they would learn Falun Gong after their release. They had already been acquainted with many Dafa practitioners and were touched by their solid and noble conduct. Among the prisoners, one said, "I wouldn't have embezzled money if I had gotten to know Falun Gong one day earlier. The first thing I'll do after I get out is to get a copy of Zhuan Falun and read it." Another prisoner had been incarcerated for over a year, and she was in contact with many practitioners. She learned all five sets of exercises and could recite 72 poems from Hong Yin. She was especially determined in learning the Fa and I promised to give her a copy of Zhuan Falun. On the third day of my return, she also came back, and I delivered the book Zhuan Falun to her on that day. She was so happy that she shed tears after receiving the book, saying over and over, "Excellent! Excellent!"

[Langfang City, Hebei Province] A Langfang City Dafa Practitioner is Illegally Sentenced for Printing and Distributing Truth-Clarifying Flyers

Dafa practitioner Tang Chaodun from the Underground Team of Wanzhuang Oil Field, Langfang City, was illegally sentenced to 5 years in jail for printing and distributing Falun Gong truth-clarifying flyers. Another practitioner Liu Zhoubo from the Oil Design Institute was sentenced to 3 years of forced labor.

[Zhengzhou City, Henan Province] News from Henan Province Women's Labor Camp

At present, there are over 400 practitioners held at Henan Province Women's Labor Camp located at Shibalihe District, Zhengzhou City. The Unit No.3 of the labor camp is dedicated for detaining practitioners, and over 200 practitioners are detained there. The vicious forces used various forms including brainwashing classes to lead those practitioners who have omissions in their thoughts to enlighten along an evil path. They invited so-called "professors" to distortedly interpret Dafa. However, there are determined practitioners who have been detained since 1999 and they remained steadfast. From time to time, the determined practitioners refused to cooperate with the evil forces and went on hunger strikes to demand their unconditional release.

[Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province] A Suggestion for Daqing City Practitioners to Collectively Send Forth Righteous Thoughts to Eradicate "Brainwashing Classes"

Recently, the "610 Office" in Daqing City colluded with the Heilongjiang Provincial Drug Rehabilitation Center to set up a brainwashing class for practitioners in Daqing City. They threatened that those who refused to be transformed in the class would be directly sent to labor camps. About a week ago, two practitioners, Liu Ying and Chen Yinghua, from the People's Hospital of Daqing City were already forcibly sent to Harbin City to be "brainwashed."

[Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province] Liu Jiping from the Government Office of Zhangxing Town, Zhaoyuan City Commits Numerous Crimes

After practitioner Qu Hongxiang realized it was wrong to compromise with the vicious forces, she went to the brainwashing class and tore up the "Criticism Statement" she previously wrote. Liu Jiping, the director of the Political and Judiciary Committee, furiously attempted to arrest her. Failing to find her, Liu persecuted her family members instead and has suspended her job since June 11.

Practitioner Lin Kuimei was forced to leave home and wander about. Failing to find her, Liu Jiping forced her husband to turn her in to the authorities. As her husband refused to cooperate, Liu took him to the police station, tortured him for two nights by beating and administering electric shocks. For fear of his relatives and friends finding out about the bruises on his body, Liu sent him to a detention center.

Practitioner Wang Haohong was forced to leave home. Her child was left at home alone without any care. Failing to find Wang Haohong and her husband, who was also a practitioner, Liu Jiping suspended the retirement pension of Wang Haohong's father for two months.

On September 5, practitioners Li Meixiang and Wang Chunying, both in their 40's and from Daqinjia Town, Zhaoyuan County, were arrested for unfurling banners in Tiananmen Square. The two practitioners were sent to a custodial center after being beaten by the vicious people from the police station and government. Their situations are unknown.

[Beijing] Beijing Dafa Practitioner Kan Shufeng is Detained

Beijing Dafa practitioner Kan Shufeng is now being illegally held and tortured at Chaoyang Police Station, Beijing.