September 17, 2001

1. One day while I was playing with three little friends in Jambuu-dvipa [from an ancient Chinese legend, it is one of the four large continents in the cosmos located in the south], Master Li passed by. He said, "Master is going to the human world to rectify the Fa." Four of us said, "Would you allow us to be your disciples and go to the human world to rectify the Fa?" Master said, "Yes!" When I returned to the world from which I came, my father asked, "Where did you go today? Whom did you see?" I said, "A few of us were playing at Jambuu-dvipa, and we met Master. He is going to the human world to rectify the Fa. We said we wanted to be his disciples." Father said, "You are so fortunate that you can be a disciple of Master. Master's words are the Fa. Go to fulfill your promise."

2. Incarnating into the human world, I was born into a virtuous family. But I couldn't stay at the home of my parents to enjoy the wealth and fame of this world. Not long after I was born, I was given away to a poor family who worked at my father's company. Shortly after, my real parents ran away to Hong Kong. My Tianmu (celestial eye) has been opened since I was a child. Since my adopted parents were lay Buddhists, they often brought me to temple to worship. When I was a little over five years old, my adopted mother brought me to the temple. After we were done lighting the incense and worshiping the Buddha, an elderly monk came up and bowed to me three times. My adopted mother nervously said, "He is a child and does not deserve such respect." The elderly monk said, "Yes he does. He has such mighty virtue."

When I was a child, one day someone approached me and wanted me to be his disciple. He had been cultivating for about a thousand years. Then we heard a voice, which said, "Do you have such mighty virtue? Are you worthy of being his master?" He ran away, frightened.

3. One day, when I was on my way home after work, Master Li came up to me. He asked, "Do you believe in Buddha?" I said, "I believe." Master then said, "Buddhahood is achieved through cultivation. Now there is a Buddha School cultivation practice, do you want to practice it?" I said, "I don't have time." Master Li said, "In the future, Dafa will be spread widely in the human world. Would you practice then?" I said, "Yes." Master Li pressed his hand on my head and told me many things. Before he left, he gave me a piece of paper, on which he wrote, "Bravely and strongly advance forward, success with Consummation." In November 1996, I was fortunate enough to become a Falun Dafa practitioner. Now, I am becoming a Fa-rectification disciple and assisting Master in the human world.