(Clearwisdom.net) Since the Heavens can see everyone, good will receive its reward and evil its retribution. Furthermore, every single act and thought of a person is measured by the Heavenly Fa. Human beings, wake up! Don't be deceived by lies or let go of your true nature. Teacher Li has come to offer salvation to people; supporting Dafa and differentiating between good and evil will bring you a bright future. On the the other hand, following evil will lead to your elimination. Stop conducting short sighted and selfish acts that harm yourself and others--retribution lies just ahead! Everyone must be held accountable for his or her actions. When the truth is finally revealed, there will be no opportunity for regret.

The following are several examples of the good receiving rewards and evil receiving retribution for some of you to ponder:

1. Public Security Division deputy Chief Li Zhichang, was very active in persecuting Falun Gong. Recently, he tore down a banner with the words, "Pulling this banner down will bring retribution." and shouted, "I've pulled down your banner, arrested whoever I want, and given labor education to whomever I like, but I'm still alright. Who's suffered retribution from the doing bad things?" Not long after that, Li Zhichang was hospitalized from a reported heart attack.

2. A woman in Shahege village saw a Fa-rectification banner on the wall. If she had said something good about it, her entire family would have benefited. However, the woman vented her hatred and, suddenly began pulling the banner down and cursing Falun Gong. Afterwards, she suffered retribution for these acts and was hospitalized. Although tens of thousands of Chinese Yuan were spent on her treatment, she still remains in a semi-immobile state.

3. The family members of a Dafa practitioner said something bad about Falun Dafa several times. As a result, their mouths became swollen on several different occasions. Later on, they didn't dare to talk such nonsense again and their mouths never became swollen afterwards. Presently, they are helping this practitioner clarify the truth about Dafa to the society.

4. One officer's relative beat his wife for distributing Dafa materials that clarified the true facts. Several days later, he fell from a ladder. While in the hospital, he realized that the incident was retribution for beating his wife and that his wife was offering salvation to people by distributing Dafa literature telling the truth . How could it not be a sin to beat someone who selflessly offered salvation to others? After he enlightened to this, he not only started to learn Dafa himself, but also asked his son--whose fingers were unable to move after falling from a building several years ago-- to learn Dafa and the exercises. Several days later, his son's fingers miraculously recovered.

5. One more miraculous event: a jailed convict came across many Dafa practitioners in jail and discovered that the practitioners were good people. She not only started to learn Dafa by herself, but also asked for the practitioners to be released so they could visit her family and ask them to learn Dafa and read Dafa books. To everyone's surprise, after doing the Dafa exercise for a few days, the convict's son, whose fingers had healed stuck together from a burn, could move his index finger freely. Since the convict's imprisonment, her husband had fallen into despair. However, after he saw the sacred book the practitioners brought him, he got down on his knees and said, "It is Dafa that rescued my whole family." Now, his whole family has attained Dafa. We are really happy for those beings whose lives have been saved.

A Women's Association Officer from Fengcheng County, Liaoning Province Suddenly Died.

Shi Guiping, a Women's Association officer from Fengcheng county, Liaoning province, not only viciously slandered Dafa on TV during the 200l Spring Festival [Chinese New Year], but also gave lectures at the brainwashing classes in Fengcheng county. Shortly before the second brainwashing class concluded, she suddenly died in an automobile collision.

Cases Where the Yunnan Police Suffer Retribution for Doing Evil

After October 1999, the police in Yunnan province conducted massive arrests of Dafa disciples without evidence or following legal procedure. Those who did the most evil in the arrests gradually suffered retribution.

The political security section chief from the Baoshan Police Station committed countless crimes while persecuting Dafa between the end of 1999 and the beginning of 2000. At a banquet held to celebrate the arrest of many Dafa disciples, he boasted that Falun Gong would disappear in the Baoshan area within a short period of time. Afterwards he went home and accidentally poured water onto a high-voltage electrical line. He died as a result.

A wicked policeman from the Guandu Police Station in Kunming City interrogated a village woman (a Dafa practitioner in her 60's) by asking if she still wanted to practice Falun Gong. The elderly practitioner kindly and calmly answered yes. Thus, the policeman kicked the woman in her chest, knocking her down and causing her to be unable to move. After that, the police officer left without paying attention to the woman's pain. On the second day, when he rode a motorcycle, he suddenly got into a traffic accident and broke the leg he kicked the woman with. He fainted on the spot.

A Few Cases of Reward and Retribution in Songci City, Hubei Province

In April 2000, three Dafa disciples from Songci City, Hubei Province were arrested for appealing in Beijing. When the Songci policemen put them on a train leaving Beijing, Zhou Gang, a policeman, deliberately attempted to handcuff a practitioner's wrists in such a way that forced them to become deeply cut. The practitioners had to inform him that the handcuff was actually tightly on the police officer's own wrist, not the practitioners.

Along the way the practitioners recited "Lunyu," "Hong Yin," as well as Teacher's most recent articles. Suddenly, Zhou Gang experienced a severe stomachache and yelled out in pain. He asked the practitioners to stop reciting, but no one paid attention to him. When he finally removed the handcuffs from the practitioner, his stomachache stopped.

One day in 2000, the committee secretary from Songci City, Hubei Province burned more than 300 letters and Dafa related materials distributed by Dafa practitioners. Six days later, a large explosion of a firecracker factory occurred in which one of the secretary's direct relatives was killed along with 5 others. This secretary was soon removed from the office by the government and has suffered retribution for his evildoing.

On the fifth day of June in the lunar calendar year 2001, a tornado swept through a village in Songci City. Though the area struck by the tornado was not big, the most highly affected area belonged to the village committee secretary who was in charge of persecuting Falun Gong and another evil village person who was responsible for monitoring Dafa practitioners. Since the geographical location of the village could not account for this type of phenomenon, the villagers were all surprised. Dafa practitioners, on the other hand, clearly understood that this was a warning for the evil people. If they can enlighten to it, they can hopefully still be saved.