People's Day is a very important day for the people of Newark, New Jersey. Organized by the city government and community organizations, tens of thousands of people attended the grand ceremony including officials from Newark and surrounding cities. This year the People's Day organization committee members expressed their great interest in having Falun Dafa among their activities. They invited practitioners to their planning meetings and offered enough space to show Falun Dafa. At the invitation of the committee, New Jersey practitioners participated in the event on Sept. 15 and 16 this year.

On Sept. 15, practitioners participated in the health fair, sports events, and the art festival.

On Sept. 16, Falun Gong was selected as the special recommended program. The organization committee designated the central field to Falun Dafa and provided a power generator for a Falun Dafa video show. The General Director of People's Day and city council members expressed their gratitude for practitioners' unselfish contributions and condemned the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa in China.