[Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province] Persecutors of Dafa Practitioners Receive Retribution

I am a Dafa practitioner in Xiqin town of Shuangcheng city, Jilin Province. To date, I have been illegally imprisoned four times and fined 12,000 Yuan [about US$1500, US$25 is the average monthly income in rural China]. I was not allowed to visit home even when my father passed away from an illness.á

During my interrogation period, the party secretary of my town had to receive intravenous drip [because of the evil deeds he committed against Dafa practitioners]. The town secretary of politics and law tried to coerce practitioners into giving up their practice during the Spring Festival and extorted money from them. As a result, his wife broke her leg in front of their home.á

The town police station has been illegally detaining practitioners for long-term imprisonment, beating them, and extorting money from them. Later, the whole police station was caught committing crimes. Now the station chief is in jail, and the rest of the police have been dismissed from duty.á

Teacher is rectifying the cosmos and all beings are involved. They will receive punishments if they don't wake up. They will face immediate retribution [for their crimes against Dafa].á

Currently, most of Xiqin town practitioners' identification cards are being illegally withheld by the police station. á

Town government telephone: 011-86-451-3217552

Xiqin town police station telephone: : 011-86-451-3217518

Town politics and law secretary Wang Jiwen: : 011-86-451-3217607á

[Huanghua City, Hebei Province] People Receive Retribution for Taking Down a Dafa Banner

In Huanghua city of the Cangzhou area, Hebei province, a Dafa banner was flying in the sky above a construction site. The policemen there wanted to take it down but were afraid of receiving retribution, so they asked two construction workers to do it. The two workers hesitated for a while, but in the end they took it down. Not long after that, one worker fell and broke his leg, and the other died in a car accident.á

Nothing happens by chance; taking down a Dafa banner is helping the evil. We would like to solemnly and sincerely warn people: Even watching with an indifferent eye is encouragement to the evil, not to mention obeying the evil's order! Good will be rewarded with good and evil meets with evil. Please be rational and clear-headed when choosing your own future.á

[Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province] Persecutors of Dafa Receive Retribution

Shi Jinshui, an associate section chief of Qingyuan city police department, was the director of a case group that specializes in persecuting Dafa practitioners. On June 13, 2000, over ten practitioners from Qingyuan city went to Beijing to appeal and safeguard Dafa. On the16th, the police escorted them back to the city detention center. The policemen illegally arrested several hundred practitioners throughout the city on June 28, and on July 25 they forced 16 practitioners into a brainwashing class. On the morning of July 31, most of the detained practitioners were released. When Shi Jinshui went to the city government to report to the city council, he had a sudden heart attack and died on the spot. His wife also became paralyzed due to the bad deeds he has done. It is true that when one does something bad, the whole family suffers.á

Jin Shishui's favorite assistant, Gan Shan (transliteration), is a politics and law section chief in Chengqu (district) police department of Qingyuan city. This person used all kinds of vicious means to abuse Dafa practitioners during the persecutions mentioned above. Consequently, his heart suddenly stopped beating for three minutes during work, and he had to stay in the City People's Hospital for over twenty days. Even so, he still did not repent.

Huang Shuiyuan (transliteration), the chief of the Nanmen Police Station in Chengqu (district) of Qingyuan city, actively participated in persecution of Dafa practitioners. Later, because he was caught embezzling over 700,000 Yuan [about US$83,000] from government funds and had taken out a 1,500,000Yuan [about US$180,000] high interest loan when gambling in Macao, on April 5, 2001, he shot himself and died in his office at Nanmen police station.á

[Xi'an City, Shannxi Province] A Dafa-slandering Website Suffers Attack

Xibei [Northwest] Industry University set up a website, calling it the first "anti [slanderous word omitted] association," and used it to disparage Dafa and poison people's minds. The network server of this university was attacked by computer virus in early August this year, and it has since remained locked up.á