(Clearwisdom.net) Since July 20, 1999, the members of Chaoyang Police Department have tortured many Dafa practitioners and their families. Meanwhile, they have stolen money and home appliances when they were illegally searching practitioners' homes. Some of them have used the most underhanded means to extort large sums of money from practitioners and their families. On every "sensitive" date, the police from each area's security office have illegally broken into and searched practitioners' houses. They have arrested and detained practitioners and used them as hostages to extort so-called "fines," "down payments," and "deposit money," etc. Some have even asked practitioners' families to pay for banquets and prostitutes to accompany them. They have committed every imaginable disgusting bad deed.

When they have extorted money from practitioners, regardless of if it was called a down payment, deposit, or fine, they have never given any receipt. To my knowledge, fines have ranged from several hundred Yuan to as much as 50,000 Yuan. One practitioner from a rural county told me that one corrupt policeman announced publicly, "I haven't had any money recently, and my motorcycle needs oil. I will get some money from Dafa practitioners." Bai Wenyou, the director of the political security office in Shuangta Public Security Bureau, is the worst offender of all; he extorts money and even accepts bribes.

Based on information provided by their own people, the police have used the money extorted from practitioners to buy luxury cars. In addition, their personal wages are directly proportional to the fines gotten from practitioners! In order to protect the dignity of Dafa, practitioners should firmly condemn those evil perpetrators who take advantage of others. And we should help and encourage our family and friends to resist their unlawful demands. We cannot tolerate people who use Dafa to gain personal profit!

Good will be rewarded with good and evil will be repaid with evil. Dafa practitioners treat every life with a great compassionate heart, which is not a cowardly deed, but instead, true compassion in the hopes of waking up all human beings by our own sacrifices.