(Clearwisdom Net) On March 19, 2001, before the session of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, the Dalian City Labor Camp conducted an inhumane, cruel torture campaign against the more than four hundred detained Falun Dafa practitioners. For three days and nights, thirty to forty policemen and more than twenty labor camp guards tortured, beat, and used every means possible in their attempt to force practitioners to give up cultivating "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance."

They first separated the practitioners into a male group (more than 170 practitioners) and a female group (close to 300 practitioners). Guards also went to the Masanjia Labor Camp in Liaoning Province and the Wushun City Labor Camp to gain experience in forced brainwashing. Two officers from the Wushun City Labor Camp who visited the Dalian Labor Camp said to them, "You are so behind here; Falun Gong practitioners don't need education or persuasion, they only need to be beaten. This method is being adopted nationwide."

In the evening of March 18, Officer Wang Jun from the male team (he has been exposed on Clearwisdom Net many times and has changed his name to avoid responsibility) tied up a practitioner and tortured him with electric batons and other devices. The next day, when a practitioner protested the torture, officer Zhu Fengshan immediately started to beat him with an electric baton. Practitioners from the third floor then shouted together, "Eliminate the evil, stop beating people!" The team leader on the second floor, along with some policemen and more than ten guards carrying electric batons, handcuffs, and other torture devices rushed up to the third floor and started to beat those practitioners. They tore off the practitioners' clothes and beat them with rubber rods, even using five to six electric batons at the same time to shock one practitioner.

Later, the deputy chief of the labor camp, Zhang Baolin, personally directed the torture on practitioners. Team leader Qiao Wei led a number of policemen and security officers in brainwashing practitioners. They repeatedly tried to force practitioners to sign a pledge giving up Falun Gong and denouncing Dafa and Teacher. They used the most despicable, inhumane ways to torture and beat practitioners. They pushed some practitioners' heads into a water bucket and shocked them. Some practitioners were handcuffed and beaten with sticks, sometimes on their genitals. The guards stripped some practitioners and stomped hard on their heads and legs. They used five or six electric batons simultaneously to shock one practitioner's most sensitive areas, such as the nerve center at the back of the head, the base of the ears, lips, genitals, and face.

That night, they used even crueler ways to torture practitioners. The guards stripped a practitioner and used a special device to tie his hands and feet together behind his back. Then the guards pushed him onto the floor face down, put a chair on top of him, and sat on top of the chair. Afterwards, the guards stuffed a rag into his mouth, poured water on him, and shocked him with five or six electric batons at the same time. After one practitioner fainted from the torture, Qiao Wei ordered someone to splash cold water on him and continued the beating after he regained consciousness. One practitioner was brutally beaten and tortured in various ways for four straight hours. First he was hung from the window bars by his hands, which were handcuffed from behind, and with his toes just barely touching the ground. The guards then pushed an electric baton into his anus and electrically shocked him. The tiger bench (a brutal torture device) was also used on him. His legs were tied with two leather belts to the bedpost and 5 cm thick wooden blocks were placed beneath his ankles. They only stopped the torture after 24 blocks had been added and the belt had snapped.

That night even older men in their 60's were not spared. A guard with the last name of Yong, who has since met his retribution in the form of serious heart disease, held an electric baton in each hand and beat two elderly practitioners. He shouted maniacally, "Here is your sauna bath!" These two practitioners immediately used their righteous thoughts and recited the Fa to overcome the torture. In the next two days and nights, these vicious guards not only beat the practitioners but also used all sorts of brutal tortures to try and force practitioners to give up their beliefs. They forced some practitioners to point their arms up from behind their backs and kneel with their buttocks in the air, and refused to let them sleep. Some were stripped of their clothes and forced to sit cross-legged on flattened cans. One can was placed under each ankle and each buttock. Practitioners had to hold their arms out horizontally in front of them for long periods of time, with electric batons placed just under their arms and armpits. Some practitioners were forced to sit like this for the whole night without being allowed to sleep. If they bent their backs a little, the guards would kick them and use electric batons to shock them.

Meanwhile, another group of policemen and guards dragged female practitioners into the hall to be hit, kicked, elctrically shocked, and beaten with rubber rods. Some women were beaten until blood flowed from their noses and mouths, and some were beaten until they could not get up. Some were stabbed with steel needles, while others were forced to kneel with their arms held up high and their buttocks in the air.

Every time a new group of practitioners came in, they were brutally beaten. On May 10, more than twenty male practitioners were beaten at the same time. More groups of newly arrived practitioners were beaten on June 5 and July 4. The methods used to torture them became worse and worse. Later the guards utilized an "electric bed" whereby eight electric batons were used on one practitioner at the same time. During the torture sessions, screams from practitioners could be heard from outside the building.

The policemen and guards responsible for beating practitioners include: Qiao Wei, Wang Jun, Yong XX, Sun Jian, Jiang Tongjiu, Jing Dianke, Zhu Fengshan, Zhang Baolin, and others.

During one torture session that lasted for three days and nights, some practitioners signed pledges to give up practicing Falun Gong. From this group of practitioners, after a painful process of upgrading their xinxing levels, most have been able to give up their attachments and established themselves within Dafa once more. "Coercion cannot change people's hearts." In July of 2001, more than 120 practitioners from the male team (including some who had been released) wrote solemn declarations, nullifying their pledges to give up Dafa and once more declared their standing within Fa-rectification. Of the practitioners whose declarations were made known on Clearwisdom Net, ten of them were arrested again (these practitioners were considered to be leaders by the police) and sent to the Liaoning Province Guanshan Labor Camp.

During this brutal torture campaign, two practitioners from the male team gave their lives for Dafa and another two became permanently disabled.

While the guards were torturing practitioners, the labor camp officials used the media to hide and distort the truth. This brutal persecution was presented as the government's "education, rescue and help."

The police also forced visiting relatives of jailed practitioners to sign or recite the "three sentences," which insult and defame Teacher and Dafa. They are using every opportunity to harm every life.

We call out to all officials and policemen who still have a conscience: please do not commit any more crimes that you will never be able to repay just in exchange for some petty rewards. Resist evil and your actions in support of justice will establish your position in the new era.