Once, I saw a long scroll up in heaven and on it was written the names of all the practitioners. Against each name was an equal sign, and next to the symbol was a number representing the score. Some scored 40, some 50, some 60, some 70, some 80, and some 90 and above. Relatively speaking, very few reached higher than 90. Some names did not have a score while some others had pretty little pink lotus flowers next to them, probably indicating that these people had reached Consummation. These lotus flowers were so pretty and so prominent that when I looked at them from a distance, they were like an array of twinkling stars, overshadowing the names and the equal signs. However, some names did not have a score next to them -- just a blank space. These names were highlighted by double-underlines which made them very conspicuous.

The contents of the scroll changed all the time. One moment, a score of 94 would suddenly change to 95. I noticed that one of the names highlighted with double-underlines suddenly disappeared without a trace, as if it had never been there before.

This scroll was huge and long, somewhat like a mountain hanging in mid-air, but without a bottom. My eyes were like little bees, darting around trying to get a good look at it, but I quickly forgot what I saw. At last, I found my name, but I could not see clearly the exact score next to it. The number was like a moving pile of numbers rotating very quickly, sometimes one way, sometimes another. It just wouldn't stay still for me to see clearly. I turned around a few times, but I still could not catch the score. Perhaps it was my strong attachment that prevented me from seeing, or perhaps it is a secret of heaven that is not to be revealed.

Just to share with you the little bit I saw at my present level.