(Clearwisdom.net) The "Education and Transformation Class" (brainwashing class) in Changchun City is virtually a detention center.

The police there force and torture Falun Dafa practitioners both physically and mentally. Among them, Zhang Zhengzhen, a policeman from the first department of police bureau, is the most vicious one. Everyday he beats up and curses at practitioners at will. An elderly female practitioner would not write a denouncement letter and so was beaten by him so severely that she could not walk, lost control of her bowel and bladder movements, and was unable to take care herself in daily life. Similarly, another female practitioner had been beaten up continuously for several days until she was tortured into a mentally unbalanced state. However, the persecutor never succeeded in forcing her to write the denunciation letter. There was also a practitioner that had been beaten unconscious three times in just four hours.

Besides the brainwashing class, Policeman Zhang Zhengzhen is also notorious in the detention center of the first department in the police bureau. He said, "Jiang Zemin pays me more than one thousand Yuan (Chinese dollars, the monthly salary for an average worker in Chinese cities is about 500 Yuan) every month to beat you all, so I do what he asks." Now the vicious policeman has received his retribution. He has contracted a serious lung disease and stays in the hospital. The person in charge of the brainwashing class, subdivision head Wang, also refused to listen to practitioners' friendly and patient persuasion [to stop his wrongdoings], so finally he had a stroke.

Here we advise those who are closely following Jiang Zemin's gang to immediately stop persecuting Falun Dafa and its practitioners, and remember, as it has always been said, "Good is rewarded with good and evil meets with evil."