In order to get a promotion and monetary rewards, Huang Wei, Associate Director of the Wujiabaozi Labor Camp in Fushun City, Liaoning Province, is paving his way to becoming Labor Camp Director with the blood of Falun Dafa practitioners.

The following are some examples of his deeds:

1. There are several male Falun Dafa practitioners who have not given up Falun Dafa even amidst the beatings and psychological manipulation of some people who have betrayed Dafa. Guards Jiang Yongfeng and Chen Linghua locked up two of the male practitioners with the women's labor team, where some betrayers tried in vain for several days to persuade them to renounce Falun Dafa. After that, the guards still wouldn't send them back to the men's labor team. Huang Wei, the Director of the labor camp, condoned their cruel actions. He allows the guards to encourage the inmates to beat practitioners, hang them up [in shackles or with other means of restraint], and employ other methods of physical torture.

When they didn't achieve their goal, the perpetrators used a more inhuman method, namely, stabbing the fingertips of the practitioners with needles. The screams of the victims shattered the tranquility late into the night. After several days and nights of torture, the two practitioners, who had originally walked to where the women's team was, had to be carried back to the men's team. The legs of one of them became paralyzed and still haven't recovered.

2. Because female practitioner Hui Lijuan wouldn't give up her faith in Falun Dafa, the wicked police guard Chen Linghua encouraged Hao Lihua, a betrayer, to torture her in various ways. She tied up Hui with her legs in the lotus position for many hours, punching and kicking her all the while. Hui refused to give in, so they used needles to stab her fingers and toes. Her hands and feet became swollen. Seeing that Hui was so steadfast, Chen Linghua herself then tortured her with an electric baton for over an hour. The electric shocks made Hui fall unconscious.

3. Female practitioner Song Xiuxiang didn't give up her faith even under severe torture. The following is what happened to her. The guards instructed the betrayers to strangle her. She was almost choked to death. The strangling made her half unconscious, and in that state, she gave in. But as soon as she came to her senses, she was determined to be steadfast in practicing Falun Dafa.

4. Practitioner Gao Guirong was beaten and her body was covered with bruises. They yanked on her ears and pinched at her Renzhong acupuncture point [Note: the Renzhong point is located between the upper lip and the nose and is extremely sensitive]. In a half-unconscious state, she gave in. But as soon as she came to her senses, she was determined to be steadfast in practicing Falun Dafa.

Since Huang Wei, the Director of the labor camp in Fushun City, has done such an "excellent job," other places in Liaoning province have continuously sent determined practitioners to his labor camp. Examples of cities that have done this are Lingyuan, Panjin, and Huludao cities. On June 26, Huang Wei started to hold a "strict class," which he forced ten practitioners to participate in. They were Qi Yanmei, Xuan Guizhen, Song Xiuxiang, Ma Hongxia, Hu Yanbo, Jin Guizhen, Li Yaxuan, Duan Yanjuan, Qin Yuanhui, and Qin Qingfang. Two or three of them were locked in one dark room. Each of them was forced to sit on a plastic stool for 14 hours [a day] without moving, during which period, apart from having meals, they were only allowed to use the bathroom twice a day. The guards did not even let them change their sanitary pads when they were menstruating. If they moved even a little, the guards would hit them with a stick. Because the practitioners did not go along with their unreasonable demands, they were all beaten. The ten practitioners in the "strict class" started a hunger strike as a protest. During the hunger strike, practitioner Qi Yanmei was hung up on an iron rod high up in the air and beaten. The beating was actually conducted by two people: the wicked guard Zhao, who is in his 50's, and guard Wu Wei. When guard Zhao was exhausted from the beating, guard Wu Wei took up the job and continued. Practitioner Ma Hongxia wouldn't follow their demands, so guard Shi Qingyun beat her severely. When Shi was exhausted from the beating, he/she used an electric baton to shock Ma. When they tried to force-feed practitioner Duan Yanjuan, she refused, so guard Zhao dragged her by her hair from one end of the corridor to the other end and then dragged her all the way back.

At present, practitioners Xuan Guizhen, Ma Hongxia, Hu Yanbo, and Jin Guizhen have won the struggle with the evil force. Practitioner Huang Guirong, who maintained a firm belief in Dafa through all of the evil treatment in the Masanjia Labor Camp [where she was illegally imprisoned before], also succeeded in Fushun City's Wujiabaozi Labor Camp.

Male practitioner Zhao Lianhai is fighting with the evil force with his firm belief, righteous thoughts, and indestructible will.

Practitioner Peng Geng used to work in an office under the provincial police department. He was transferred from Masanjia Labor Camp to Zhangshi Labor Camp in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. He has been through all sorts of torture in different labor camps and is still steadfast in Dafa. Later he was transferred to Wujiabaozi Labor Camp. Using needles to stab his fingers with needles won't shake his sincere belief in Truth-Compassion-Forbearance.

The evil forces exhausted all of their wicked methods, but still couldn't conquer these mighty beings. Their firm belief and righteous thoughts are moving everyone who hears their stories.

List of the perpetrators:

In the Wujiabaozi Labor Camp: Huang Wei, Wu Wei, Jiang Yongfeng, Chen Linghua, Shi Qingyun, and Zeng Qiuyan.

Betrayers who have helped with the persecution: Song Changnu, Bai Shuzhen, Liu Yuhua, Chen Zhixiang, Wang Lijun, Liu Guiqin, and Hao Lihua.