(Clearwisdom.net) The Fengrun County Detention Center in Tangshan, Hebei Province is a dark den full of corruption and evil forces. More than 200 Falun Dafa practitioners have been unlawfully imprisoned there. Some of them were sentenced, some of them were sent to labor camps. Right now the detention center is detaining many practitioners who are very solid in their belief in Falun Dafa. These practitioners are suffering from torture both physically and mentally every minute of every day.


To force practitioners to give up their belief in Falun Dafa, the detention center has utilized all kinds of measures to torture practitioners, including inciting inmates to brutally beat up and torture practitioners. Liu Jiaxia, a female inmate on death row, poured three basins of boiling soup on practitioner Cheng during a lunch break. It was in the summer and Cheng only worn a sleeveless shirt on her upper body. The boiling soup immediately caused burns and resulted in many big blisters all over her body from being scalded with the boiling soup. When the practitioner reported such a vicious act to the guard Wang Aihua, instead of disciplining the inmate, the guard savagely beat the practitioner up.

In a temperature of 20 degrees below zero (equal to --4 Fahrenheit), the guards forced practitioners to stand in the snow barefooted without coats on. Male practitioners were only permitted to wear their underpants with their heads against the wall. If a practitioner moved a little, he or she would be immediately struck by the guards.

The guards have even created new methods to torture practitioners, such as "riding a motorcycle." They forced the practitioners to squat on the edge of a toilet pit, stretch both arms forward like riding a motorcycle and did not allow them to move, forcing them to remain in such a position for an entire night. If a practitioner moved a little, the guards would hit him.

Another torture is called "taking a flight." They force practitioners to crawl on the ground with inmates/guards riding on them. The practitioners would be beaten up if they refused to follow the guards' order to crawl.

To protest such unlawful persecution and cruel torture, the practitioners went on a hunger strike. The guards savagely force-fed them. A female practitioner over 60 years old did not cooperate with the force-feeding. The guards then used an iron bar to forcefully pry open her mouth, two of her teeth were broken and lost, her body was stained with blood. The brutal scene was chilling. Wang Anhua, a vicious guard, was praised by her superiors for brutally beating practitioners.

Extorting Money

Every practitioner's family has had to pay a 50 Yuan "visitation fee" in order to visit detained practitioners. The detention center have even demanded and forced every cell to hand in 280 Yuan for the center to have ceramic tiles laid on the ground. The money used to buy TVs was extorted from practitioners. The inmates were forced to buy the prisoners' uniform. The guard Ma Xiumei required prisoners to return the uniforms before they were released and re-sold them to new prisoners.

The detention center is supposed to be for the purpose of re-educating prisoners, but the guards here are much more corrupt than the prisoners.