(Clearwisdom.net) Ever since the beginning of summer, more and more Chinese tourist groups have come to northern Europe. Most of the Chinese tourists from Mainland China were deluded by the Jiang Zemin group's lies and propaganda, and our initial truth clarification met with huge resistance. Addressing this problem, practitioners looked inside themselves first. Teacher said, "When a person is evaluated with the Fa-principles of the cosmos, if his mind contains negative thoughts toward Dafa, he will be weeded out when the test of Dafa and Dafa disciples is over. Think about it--isn't this kind of person in danger?" "So in today's world, we can't not be responsible for other sentient beings, we can't not be responsible for other sentient beings' obtaining the Fa in the future, and we can't not lay a foundation for other sentient beings to obtain the Fa in the future" ("Lecture in Washington D.C.")

As Dafa particles, practitioners felt more clearly the seriousness and importance of Fa rectification and saving people. After they dealt with the relationship [between the Fa rectification and saving people], they treated people who ignored them with persistence, and therefore made them gradually feel the practitioners' compassion that's purely devoted to others. As for the rude and unreasonable people, practitioners acted in an open and upright manner, which made them feel the cultivators' great tolerance. The result was very good.