(Clearwisdom.net) Police at the Songbu Police Station in the city of Macheng, Hubei Province, has imprisoned hundreds of Falun Gong practitioners during the last two years. Of these, ten were sentenced to labour camps, one died, and over one hundred have been subjected to long-term detention. The police there have extorted more than 200,000 Yuan from practitioners. Each time they arrested a practitioner, they collected a fine ranging from 3,000 Yuan to 10,000 Yuan.

When Practitioners do not cooperate with such evil acts of persecution, the police resort to torture, employing iron rods, whips, clubs, etc. In addition they have ransacked practitioners' homes, openly committing robbery. They give their actions a glorified name-- "Helping & Coaching." Last February, for example, when practitioner Yang Qingbo was arrested for going to appeal to the central government, every single police officer from the police station came to ransack Yang's home. They illegally confiscated Yang's Taxi (worth 50,000 Yuan) - the only source of livelihood for the household - as a fine, and Yang Qingbo was taken away from the family, to be sent to "reform through hard labour" for two years, throwing the family's life into extreme difficulty and chaos.

In August 2000, practitioner Luo Kaizhen and his family went to Beijing to appeal. The whole family was thrown in jail for six months, during which time the police searched and ransacked Kaizhen's home, stealing rice, wheat seeds, cooking oil, etc. They even sent his wife away for two years of "labour education." In August 2000, practitioner He Xingcheng was illegally imprisoned for distributing Dafa materials. The police threatened He's family and relatives, extorting 9,000 Yuan in cash from them. This is what is called "Helping & Coaching" in what Jiang Zemin refers to as "the best period of human rights in China."

List of offenders:

Songbu Police Station: Telephone 86-713-2062324

Chief Officer: Li Jiede

Vice Chief: Xu Zhiwen