(Clearwisdom.Net) Baoding Labor Camp uses psychological and physical torture to force Dafa practitioners to renounce their cultivation of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance."

There is forced labor every day. Dafa practitioners are isolated from one another and not allowed to sleep. Practitioners are forced into a curled up position on the ground with both arms holding the head, or stand with their nose touching the wall, and are deprived from sleeping for days. The guards instruct the criminals to shock practitioners with electric batons, or shackle them onto a big table. When a practitioner is shackled on a big table, the arms and legs are stretched out in a spreadeagle position with the hands and feet handcuffed. The cuffs are so tight that not only is each limb immobile, the entire body is immobilized. The stress on the body is so great that even the internal organs feel like they are being torn apart. Practitioners are not allowed to relieve themselves. Sleep is also not allowed: the guards use matchsticks to prop open the eyelids so that practitioners cannot even close their eyes. This kind of torture can last for ten days to half a month. A vicious policeman named Zhang Guohong said, "We have not yet crushed you [with a tank] as was done in the June 4th incident [June 4, 1989, when the Chinese Red Army used tanks and troops to destroy the democracy movement in Tiananmen Square. And is noted that the Government still officially denies that armed force was used during that incident/ed]."

Among the practitioners persecuted in Baoding, Wang Jinghao was shocked and shackled on a table for over half a month. He was injured all over his body, and there were deep wounds on his wrists from the handcuffs. Xing Junhua was shackled in this way for half a month, and Zhu Xinghua for 9 days.

The guards also brainwash practitioners, taking each practitioner alone in turn. Guard Zhang XX, Li Dayong, an office director, and Yan XX, the supervisor of the female team, are specifically responsible for brainwashing. They interrogate practitioners using electric shock and other tortures. These police have given themselves up to the service of evil. During the interrogations the terrifying and ghastly yelling of the police reveals how far they have gone along a path that is a descent into madness.

The situation of the practitioners in Baoding is made even more complicated because among them are those who have been broken by the torture and the brainwashing. These report to the police on the practitioners, betraying the practitioners just as they have betrayed themselves and Dafa.

A list of the evil criminals in Baoding Labor Camp:

Director of the camp: Yu Yanping

Vice director: Wang Huaicheng, Guo Mingli, Yin Lixin, Zhang Weiran

Political representative: Zhang Junfu

Team one: 0312-2191021; Team Two: 0312-2191022; Team Three: 0312-2191023; Team Four: 0312-2191024; Team Five: 0312-2191025; Female Team: 0312-2191032