(Clearwisdom.net) Shuangshuang is 7 years old. After his mother learned Falun Dafa in April 1999, she read Zhuan Falun to him every day. She also took him to watch Teacher's overseas lecture tape. He kept playing it continuously. Once when he visited his grandma with his mother, he said to his mother, "I got wisdom now." She asked, "How did you get wisdom?" He said, "I have a huge pillar on top of my head. The pillar is green. There are two flowers on it. One is a large lotus flower, and the other is a small lotus flower. Very beautiful."

In the winter, his mother said she wanted to go out to rectify the Fa. He said, "I want to go too." She said, "There are vicious people out there who may seize us." He said, "As long as I am with mommy, I won't be afraid if we are seized." During the Spring Festival of 2000 [Chinese New Year], his mother told him that she would go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. He wanted to go with her. She felt it was too cold and inconvenient to go with a child. He cried and fussed and insisted on going with her. Then they went there together. He was very happy in Tiananmen when they were in Beijing. He was not scared at all. After they were captured, a policeman asked, "Whose kid is this?" His mother said, "He is my child." The policeman asked Shuangshuang, "Have you seen Falun? [the law wheel]" Shuangshuang said, "Yes." The policeman asked, "What's the color of the Falun?" Shuangshuang said, "All kinds of colors." The policeman asked, "Does your Falun rotate from being pushed by a man, or turned by a machine?" Shuangshuang said, "It turns by itself." The policeman asked, "What else have you seen?" Shuangshuang said, "You won't believe it. I won't tell you."

As the Fa-rectification progressed, his mother told Shuangshuang that Teacher asked the practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil. When they send forth righteous thoughts, Shuangshuang saw many demons. His mom said, "Hurry! Eradicate them." He said, "How?" She said, "Teacher said every disciple is capable. Use your supernormal capabilities to eradicate them." Shuangshuang saw a huge snake that looked like a human. He asked Falun to turn into a large fireball and burned it. Shuangshuang said, "There are too many demons." His mom said, "Teacher said Falun is intelligent. He himself knows how to do these things. Falun can separate into different bodies. It can turn into countless Falun, or turn into powerful magic weapons to clear away these demons." Upon hearing this, Shuangshuang sent out a Falun that turned into countless small Falun, which then turned into countless small fireballs. There was a devious mouse spirit. It ran and floated on the fireball and could not be burned. Shuangshuang said, "Fix it there." Then it could not move anymore. A hand came out of the Falun, grasped it, and turned it into black liquid that dripped down. There was a wolf spirit with a human's head. Its front paws were human hands, and its rear paws were wolf paws. It dashed towards Shuangshuang. Shuangshuang sent out a Falun and killed it, but it regained its shape after a little while. Shuangshuang then used a Falun to wind it in. The Falun wound it into gray liquid and it was gone.

Above is what Shuangshuang told his mother and she recorded it.