(Clearwisdom.net) Close observation of the video alleging self-immolation by Falun Dafa practitioners, clearly shows the falsehoods and impossibility of these ridiculous allegations. It also shows the extreme measures taken to produce this evil propaganda. Several observations make it obvious that great efforts were taken to slander Falun Dafa and terrorize people with a vicious and false representation of kind-hearted practitioners.

Human Hair Is Highly Flammable

The first fallacy becomes obvious through observation of Wan Jindong's hair. Human hair is highly flammable, burning extremely quickly. In fact hair will burn totally within just a few seconds if not extinguished immediately. However, in the video of the alleged self-immolation, it is apparent that Wang Jindong's hair had no damage from the fire at all, while his face appeared to be burned to an ashen gray color. Sources producing this video would like people to believe that the flames have burned his face, yet the most flammable part of the body, the hair, remains intact. According to the report, the policemen extinguished the flames in less than a minute. It would have been impossible for the hair to escape total damage in the high intensity of the alleged gasoline flame. Careful examination of this video also shows the hairline was extremely neat and trimmed which could not have occurred had he been on-fire. Additionally, the eyebrows on Jindong's face were not even burned!

This evidence demonstrates that Wang Jindong could not possibly have ignited himself but leaves many doubts and several possibilities of what might have occurred. He may have been made-up to appear to have been burned. Or, Wang Jindong might have used some special fuel, like stage props used for movies or theatre, that enabled him to escape physical damage but provided a show of life-like flames for the video. Another possibility is that Wang Jindong's hair is not real but rather a wig.

In the scene where Liu Chunling is beaten to death, we can see her hair burning. This means that the amount of time she was burning was very short - it could not have been more than several seconds. However the impatient policemen started to extinguish the fire from the onset of the flames. If they attempted to extinguish the flame that quickly, she could not possible have died from the fire, as they would have been able to put-out the flames before fatal injury occurred. However, because they did not want her to live, they resorted to extreme force and beat her in the head with a very heavy object, under the guise of extinguishing the fire.

The Placement of the Microphone

Another obvious clue to the deceptions in this video is the location of the microphone, or the "boom." When the scene of Wang Jindong's meditation is carefully observed, you can see a recording microphone flash at the left corner of the screen. The microphone is facing Wang Jindong. The view was quickly moved to the right, in order to hide the microphone. This observation confirms that the camcorder was right in front of Wang Jindong - the best position to videotape. According to the clear shouts of Wang Jindong, the cameraman must have been very close to him, otherwise it would be impossible to receive good audio quality in the recording. This also demonstrates that there was another person videotaping Wang Jindong besides the people who carried the video bag and filmed the scene from a distance.

Liu Siying's Murder Occurred to Prevent Her from Divulging Terrible Secrets

A final illustration of the deceptive techniques in this video is seen in the murder of Liu Siying. Among the people accused of self-immolation, Liu Siying is the person who was most likely to divulge the secrets because she was so young that the threats would not have been as effective as they would be on the adults. The adults could be sentenced to jail or isolated from the outside world, at least temporarily. But Liu Siying is under the legal age for detention. Therefore, to detain her publicly would have an extremely negative impact, but releasing her would leave them vulnerable that she might speak out and let the truth be known. The only way to guarantee her silence and prevent her from divulging any secrets to the public was to kill her.