September 10, 2001

( Wuchang City Police Department sent my husband, Sun Shaomin, to Changlinzi Labor Camp in Harbin City of Heilongjiang Province this January for distributing truth-clarifying materials of Falun Gong. He has been illegally detained for over 7 months. Because he persists in his belief, he has been considered as "most stubborn," and he has endured tremendous torture both physically and mentally.

Because the labor camp illegally extended his detention, my husband and more than a hundred other Dafa practitioners started a hunger strike on July 2, demanding to be released without charge. The labor camp then started force-feeding on July 4, twice every day. On the 23rd day of the hunger strike, I received a notice that my husband was critically ill, and that the family members were asked to visit him. When I saw him, he was all skin and bones. Because he was firm in his belief, the family had never been allowed to visit him. We couldn't even send him clothes appropriate for the different seasons. They said, "As long as he doesn't give in, we will use all measures to fix him."

After I arrived at the labor camp, I learned that there was problem with my husband's heart. The labor camp was trying to trick the family to persuade him to eat. Under the team leader's watchful eye, I saw my husband. He said, "We are saving people with compassion. We are innocent. I want to use my action to validate Dafa. I demand to be released without charge." Because I did not follow the labor camp's request to persuade my husband to eat, they drove me out quickly. Three days later, they informed the family members to go for a meeting. By that time, there were still 7 people on hunger strike. My sister went to the meeting, and they requested that the family members sign some document that said, "If the person dies, he or she deserves it. The labor camp takes no responsibility." They detained family members if they refused to sign. Later, one family member had to leave for an urgent matter, and said, "Please let us go. I won't come find you if the person dies." Then they released the family members.

So far, my husband has been on hunger strike for 71 days. He has been force-fed twice a day every day, and has endured force-feeding by tube more than a hundred times. Such actions of the labor camp have severely violated medical standards. My husband is in constant danger, and his heart could stop at any moment.

As for you directors and policemen in the labor camp, I am using the pure compassion of a Dafa practitioner to advise you: wake up as soon as possible! You have seen Dafa practitioners' pure righteousness and kindness. But you have not calmed your hearts enough to feel it. The day of "restoring Falun Dafa's reputation" is coming soon. Do not be Jiang Zemin's patsy. When being responsible for others, one should also be responsible for oneself. Please believe that good will be rewarded with good and evil meets evil. Meanwhile, I want to solemnly declare that as a Dafa practitioner, I will safeguard Dafa and defend Dafa practitioners' dignity with all I have. No evil is qualified to test us. I will do my best to demand justice for Dafa.