September 5, 2001


Seventy to eighty percent of the practitioners whom I worked with on producing Dafa information were captured by the evil. Our information site was also raided. Besides the element of the evil doing damage, there was another main factor on our side: we did not study the Fa enough. Sometimes we were so busy that we could not read the books for days on end. Whenever we ran into problems we always analyzed and confronted them from the human standpoint. As a result, we had different opinions on how to handle things and allowed the evil to take advantage of our weakness. I am writing this for mutual encouragement.

Actually, back in the article "Towards Consummation" Master pointed out: "Even now some people still can't concentrate on reading the books. Those of you who do work for Dafa, especially, shouldn't use any pretexts to conceal the fact that you don't read the books or study the Fa. Even if you do work for me, your Master, you still need to study the Fa everyday with a calm mind and cultivate yourself solidly." "Some volunteers go long periods of time without reading or studying the Fa. How can they do a good job for Dafa? You have unwittingly incurred many losses that are very hard to recover. Past lessons should make you more mature. The only way to prevent the old, evil forces from taking advantage of the gaps in your mind is to make good use of your time to study the Fa." Doing Dafa work is not a job, but cultivation. We must not forget to cultivate our minds and look within ourselves while doing our work. Only then will we be able to handle Dafa related work well. Now the evil is becoming very cunning, and they often attack those un-cultivated areas that are deeply buried in our minds to create obstacles for us and reduce our over-all ability to eliminate the evil. We need to study the Fa seriously, and upgrade our xinxing constantly. We will then be able to see the true nature of the matter when an incident or obstacle arises and understand the real problem. Upon doing this, we can eradicate the evil factor and not allow any gaps for the evil to penetrate.

Master pointed out again in the article "To All Students at the Nordic Fa Conference," "No matter how busy you are, you cannot neglect Fa study. This is what fundamentally assures your moving towards Consummation and doing Dafa work well." However busy we are, even if we sleep one or two hours less, we should still allocate some time to read the book and study the Fa. Since we are Fa-rectification disciples, the quality of our work affects the overall Fa rectification process. The more difficult it is, the better we should perform. This is the responsibility given to us by Dafa.