(Clearwisdom.net) In March 2000, I was illegally held in the Jilin Heizuizi Labor Camp just for going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. To prevent Falun Dafa practitioners from studying and practicing, the prison guards made the vicious criminals such as drug dealers and street fighters guard us day and night. Whenever someone was found practicing Falun Gong, she would be beaten, punched, have her head smashed against the wall by pulling her hair, forcefully kicked in the lower abdomen, and whipped on the face with a bamboo pole. When we asked why they were so malevolent, they said they were following the prison guards' orders. If they didn't follow those orders, their prison terms would be extended. Some of the prisoners knew clearly that Dafa practitioners were good people (some even studied Dafa later on). They actually started to look after Dafa practitioners while they were practicing, and pretended to stop them from doing the exercises only when the prison or duty guards came by. When the practitioners were beaten, the real criminals all cried.

Later on, the duty guards started torturing Dafa practitioners even more viciously, not just kicking and beating, but also whipping them with brooms and hard rubber tubing, and even slapping their faces with the soles of shoes. Before they started the beatings, the guards tied practitioners up with ropes, forced them to stand or squat, and placed adhesive tape over their mouths.

On the verge of death and getting nowhere by appealing, we could do nothing but start a hunger strike. During the hunger strike, we were not only beaten physically but also made to work until 10 pm every day simply because we firmly insisted on our practice. The weather in March was very cold, yet the guards purposefully left the windows and doors open day and night so practitioners were always freezing and trembling. The Dafa practitioners were all very weak because of the hunger strike and exhausted from the heavy workload. Yet the prison guards still intently forced practitioners to stand for extended periods of time, which caused some practitioners to vomit and collapse. After kicking and beating us, sometimes with electric batons, the guards would force-feed us using metal spoons. After such treatment, every practitioner came back to the cell with blood on the corners of her mouth. Sometimes, after tying a practitioner to an iron bed, one of the prison guards would insert a feeding tube into the practitioner's stomach and grind it around, while another prison guard was making the feeding mixture of corn flour and water. The guards would pinch practitioners' noses and only release for enough time to prevent the practitioners from suffocating, and then pinch their noses again. The sounds of violent vomiting accompanied by the sinister laughing and sneering of the guards made the labor camp a hell on earth.

Prison guard Hou, a member of the so-called 'rebirth' team, was the chief criminal in torturing Dafa practitioners. She shocked the practitioners many times with the electric baton. She shocked every practitioner who needed to use the washroom. Practitioner Huang Yueshun was shocked for an extended period of time just for having a bowel movement.

Practitioner Li Shuzhen continually received shocks that were delivered with a lot of pressure by the head of the prison guards, Zhu, and by another prison guard just for reciting Lunyu (one of Master Li's scriptures). She immediately experienced urinary incontinence.

Almost all practitioners in this labor camp have to suffer beatings and shocks with electric batons when they first arrive. At the same time, the guards brainwash them day and night, not allowing them to sleep or visit with their relatives if they don't renounce Falun Dafa. During the daytime, Dafa practitioners are taken to a cell and secretly tortured with the electric batons. Practitioner Li Shuzhen was shocked repeatedly by vicious guard Wang, and her heart-wrenching screams were heard throughout the camp. Under such harsh treatment, working 16-hour days, and facing brainwashing at night, many practitioners are extremely weak and their blood pressure is unstable. They easily fall down after standing for a long time.

We hereby warn those vicious human beings that all their evil behavior will eventually become known. Stop your crimes immediately. Otherwise what awaits you is endless pain while being destroyed in all dimensions!