On the afternoon of Sept. 8, as usual, practitioners from Washington DC gathered in Tiananmen Garden in front of the Chinese Embassy to send forth righteous thoughts with practitioners all over the world.

Whenever practitioners came here previously, the door was always tightly closed, and no one could be seen. It was as if the building had been vacated. This time, there were a few embassy officials walking about, and several police cars were parked outside. Something was different today. When we sent forth the righteous thoughts the second time, several well-dressed people showed up in front of the embassy, staring at us, astounded at seeing our exhibition boards of the bloody persecution and our yellow T-shirts. These were people from different provinces of China and Hong Kong who had come to attend the "The First North American High Tech and Professionals Conference." The embassy invited them for a banquet, never dreaming that it would also provide us with an excellent opportunity to clarify the truth.

After we finished the second round of sending righteous thoughts, we pointed a speaker towards the front of the embassy and one practitioner started to read some of the truth clarifying literature, while others stood behind the speaker and sent forth righteous thoughts. "Dear friends, this is a special program of World Faun Dafa Radio..."

Those visitors stood there and listened to the article "Admonish the Corrupt Officials and the Evil People who are Persecuting Dafa Practitioners." More visitors were coming in. Practitioners held the banner high to let them witness actual scenes from the persecution.

Standing at the entrance, the embassy officials were so afraid of sentient beings hearing the truth. They were also angry and agitated, but could not do anything.

One Western practitioner walked to the front of the embassy and, standing face to face with embassy officials, raised his right hand and sent forth righteous thoughts. The embassy official tried to interfere with the broadcast by asking the police to keep the practitioner out, but the police resolutely refused their request. Finally they had to retreat behind the door and close it tightly. They were afraid of people hearing the truth so they only opened the door slightly to let the people in.

Today's confrontation showed that confronted with the truth, the evil is too weak to withstand a single blow.