(Clearwisdom.net) After an incident that exposed Shuangcheng City police department crime of murdering disabled Dafa practitioner Zhang Shengfan, fearing more evidence and further disclosure of the truth, the police tried to force the relatives to agree to a cremation. After they failed to do so, they sent Zhang's body to cremation without any consent or presence of the family members. It is not known where they placed his ashes.

On the morning of August 1, 2001, Chen Pixin, the chief of Shuangcheng City Detention Center, called to inform Zhang Shengfan's family members, saying, "Tomorrow afternoon the body will be cremated; family members should be present." One of Zhang's family members stated reasons why the body should not be cremated. Chen replied, "No matter if you are present or not, he must be cremated." On the afternoon of August 2, they sent two guards from the detention center and one policeman to Zhang's home and said, "This afternoon is the cremation. This is the last notice." Zhang's family members refused to cooperate with them, saying, "It must be done in keeping with justice for an autopsy and cremation." The police left after giving the notice.

In order to readdress the injustice done unto Zhang Shengfan, his family members continue to go everywhere to appeal. They've earned much sympathy and secret support from many units. In order to regain justice and righteousness, to punish the murderer, they have spread the truth of the tragic incident to all concerned units and social groups in Heilongjiang Province. They've withstood the threats of the vicious and awakened many kind-hearted people.

Nine days after the last notice, on the afternoon of August 2, there was no message from the detention center. Zhang's family members called Chief Cheng Pixin and Chen said, "The body was cremated, the ashes were taken to Harbin City for inspection. The result of the inspection hasn't been released. Wait for it! Our detention center spent 10 thousand Yuan for Zhang Shengfan. You family members should pay this money." Zhang's family member said on the phone, "You arrested him, you tortured and killed him, and now you ask for money from us! We ask for his life from you!"

A few days later, Zhang's family members asked for the laboratory results of the body from them. They said on the phone, "The inspection results haven't been released yet. You must wait!" The people of Harbin know that responsibility must be taken in future for the falsification; but they are all making excuses. Zhang's family members have not heard any results so far.

Shuangcheng City Detention Center maliciously took part in the torture and murder of Dafa practitioner Zhang Shengfan, yet they shamelessly asked for payment for the murder. How vicious they are!

Zhang Shengfan was tortured and killed by them. The instigators behind the scenes, Zhang Guofu and others of Shuangcheng City, participated in the killing of Dafa disciples. Zhang Guofu tried every way to deceive the public and conceal the truth.

We call upon international human rights organizations, every country's governments, public organizations, and all kind-hearted people in the world to offer support and pay close attention to this tragedy.

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