(Clearwisdom.Net) On July 3rd, 2001, Daqing City Falun Dafa practitioner He Zhihong went shopping and stopped by a fellow practitioner's home on the way. The vicious policemen from the Daqing City Sa District Police Station tailed and illegally arrested her, then sent her to the Fuqiang Police Station. In the station, the vicious policemen beat and kicked her, and, consequently, her face and arms all turned black and blue. After a full day of interrogation, they weren't able to get anything out of her. On the night of July 4, the policemen sent her to the Daqing Detention Center. While doing this they conducted none of the legitimate legal formalities. To collect evidence for the arrest, some people from the City and the District Police Station took turns interrogating her on the night of July 5. They chained her into an iron chair, and didn't allow her to sleep during the six days of her interrogation. The abusers in charge of the interrogation were detachment leader Li, group leader Peng, Zhang from the City Police Station, Dong Fenglin, Sun Bin, Zhang Lifeng, and Liu Jianhua from the district police station, and Luo from the third plant.

To protest the unjustified detention and persecution, He Zhihong has been fasting during her thirty days in the city detention center. The vicious policemen started to force-feed her on the sixth day. One month later, they transferred her to the Sa District Detention Center. When the director found out that she had fasted for a month, he said that no matter what, he would not take her. Later, the cops in charge of the case asked the chief of the district police station if she could be released (to avoid getting into trouble if she died), but the chief refused to release her and ordered the detention center to take her. After twenty-two days of illegal detention in the detention center, she continued to fast; the warders force-feed her every day. He Zhihong's face turned pale and she looked as if she was only skin and bone. She was also unable to walk. After being jailed in a dank place for such a long time, her skin was full of scabies and was extremely irritated. Even under such conditions, the Daqing City Police Department sent her to do forced-labor in the Harbin City Drug Rehabilitation Center. She kept going on hunger strike. It has been sixty days since she started on the hunger strike and her life is in great danger. We hope the compassionate people in the world and international organizations will pay attention to this.

In addition, practitioner Zhang Xinye has been on hunger strike for about fifty days, and practitioner Shi Jing for over thirty days. They are extremely weak and could lose their lives at any time.

Telephone numbers for the Daqing City Police Station:

Reception desk: 0459-4688220, 4684124, 4684024, 4684524

Chief: 0459-46888999

Deputy: 0459-4682893

Investigator: 0459-4688049, 4688096

Supervision Section: 0459-4664195

Police Force Division: 0459-4684250

Foreign Affairs Division: 0459-4684245

Political Security Group: 0459-4662543

Detachment Leader: 0459-4688229

Legal System Division: 0459-4660351

Sa District Police Station Chief: 0459-4683666

Sa District Political Security Group: 0459-4686029

Dong Fenglin, Political Security Group Leader: 13945938785(Cell), 0459-6186809(Home)

Fuqiang Police Station: 0459-4680790, 4661335