(Clearwisdom Net ) According to reports from the Guangdong Bureau of Hydrology, the level of the Qingyuanbei River surpassed the warning level by 1.52 meters at 8:00 this morning (Sep. 4th). The levels of Xi River and Han River were also reported to be gradually rising. Due to the assault of rare heavy rainstorms, a river nearby Liuhe County of Sanshui City encountered a dyke breach yesterday morning. The extreme overflow of water caused more than 300 villagers to evacuate and over 1,000 people to relocate from their homes. About 533 hectares of crops and aquatic products had been damaged by the flooding with estimated losses accumulating to more than 30 million yuan RMB (about US$ 4 million).

According to news from the Guangzhou Central Observatory, over the course of five consecutive days, the overall rainfall of nine of the counties and cities in Guangdong Province has risen above 300 millimeters. From September 1st to now (Sep. 4th), over 32 cities and counties in Guangdong have encountered strong precipitation. As rainfall in Taishan, Qingyuan and Guangzhou cities have caused a number of roads and low lying areas to be severely flooded, the damaged caused by these torrential rains has been significant. Never before have these cities witnessed such terrible storms!