(Clearwisdom.net) Author's foreword: I came to enlighten that putting personal cultivation experience into words is not only to exchange experiences with fellow practitioners, but also to uncover, expose and correct unrighteous matter in myself. Sometimes, although this matter can be detected with a righteous mind, it is still very difficult to fully express it in words. Practitioners' impure thoughts, internal and external interferences, etc., will all try to prevent one from exposing them completely. Therefore one must directly overcome and remove the bad mind (bad matter) with righteous thoughts. What the evil fears the most is that we put such experiences into words in order to benefit more practitioners and to eradicate the evil more thoroughly. A mighty righteous mind is required to control and eradicate the evil.

We should not only seize, expose, and remove the evil in our own dimensional field, but also expose them in a broader range (in the universe), and eradicate the corresponding evil matter thoroughly. In the human world, the most effective place to promote goodness and to eliminate wickedness is Clearwisdom.net. Therefore, I must write down and send my experiences to Clearwisdom.net.


Once when I was on business trip, I was having a meal together with my clients. One of them repeatedly mixed Dafa together with politics. The other seven or eight people eating at the same table also echoed his opinion although they had no idea about the truth. At that time I started to think I should use the obvious phenomenon in actual life to clarify the truth, but did not think of using the mighty force of Dafa. As I talked along, almost all the people at the table started to attack me, almost to the point that my human side could not withstand them. I could do nothing but silently recite "The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated" to eliminate the evil matter that operated behind them. Not surprisingly, they stopped their random guessing and conjecturing, and gradually started to carefully examine the topic from another angle. However, the one who mixed Dafa with politics still stuck to his opinion.

The dinner lasted for three hours. Many of them eventually changed their attitudes. One of them even approached me in private to ask for a Dafa book to read. However, the one who mixed Dafa with politics simply thought that I was good, yet he stubbornly held onto his old notions about Dafa. Finally I left with some regrets about the event.

Afterwards I realized that because of my concern that speaking of Dafa would make it hard for them to receive my points, I always wanted to use ordinary human theories to convince them. Actually, I only pursued the superficial human logic, but neglected the reasons behind it; that is, only the Fa is most powerful. Although one's personal efforts still work on some people to a certain degree, it made me enlighten to a Fa principle: spreading the Fa, clarifying the truth and offering salvation to the sentient beings is actually offering the Fa to the people. It means to comply with Teacher's requirements in "How Should Falun Dafa Practitioners Spread the Practice?": not to seek fame, not to seek interests, not to pass personal understandings to others; only the Fa has the broad and profound content and power to save people.

I continue to use my inherent notions, habits, etc., which still remain intact on the human level, unconsciously, even in doing Dafa work. Even in efforts to offer salvation to sentient beings, I still involve my personal understandings and desires instead of acting completely from the standpoint of the Fa and of Dafa as a whole. This way, we cannot convey to the beings the broad and profound connotations of Dafa, but only our personal understandings or even less.

In spreading the Fa and clarifying the truth, actions that purely stem from individual ideas or desires are individual limitations that will possibly become hindrances in the Fa-rectification process. Only when one validates Dafa and clarifies the truth wholeheartedly from the standpoint of Dafa, can the implications behind the Fa be brought to beings, the power of Fa "rectify all that are not righteous," and the goal of offering salvation to sentient beings with compassion be truly achieved.