Six of us practitioners on hunger strike embarked on our journey to the UN in the afternoon on August 27. We wanted to present a letter, which carried the collective wishes of the practitioners on hunger strike from various locations, to the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Everything related to Dafa that takes place on earth is connected in some way with the struggle between good and evil in the heavens. During our trip, a dark cloud suddenly appeared out of the clear blue sky. Soon, the downpour began, which was so heavy that almost no vehicles could proceed on the freeway. The practitioners started to send forth righteous thoughts together. After about 10 minutes, the rain stopped and the sky became clear again.

Six practitioners smiling in front of the UN A UN security officer representing Annan accepting our letter
Three special agents from Jiang Zemin's government. The left two had attempted to grab a news reporter's camera. Police stopping the agents' attempt to forcibly grab the reporter's camera.

On August 28, we held a press conference outside the UN. After the press conference, we made our way into the UN building. A security officer told us to wait in the hall and someone from Annan's office would come to accept the letter. At that moment, several Chinese people came hurriedly from upstairs, and said something to the security officer. The officer then took us outside, and told us to wait there. We waited patiently for about 20 minutes, then another bunch of Chinese appeared. They asked a security officer (photo attached) to accept our letter. They then disappeared together with the security officer into the crowd. When a female reporter from Epoch Times took pictures of the officer accepting the letter, three special agents from Jiang Zemin's government (photo attached) attempted to grab the camera, but were stopped by the police.

Under police escort, we went to the offices of the New York Senators including that of Mrs. Clinton, and requested their assistance forwarding our letter to Mr. Annan. We also sought their help to stop China's brutal persecution of Falun Gong. They said they would do their best to help us.

All these actions will be recorded in history. Good and evil will each reap its just reward. Evil can never triumph over righteousness. Righteous and supportive voices are resounding all over the world. The day Jiang Zemin faces justice will not be far away.