(Clearwisdom.Net) On September 17, 2000, Falun Dafa Practitioners were kidnapped and taken to the Labor Camp of Wuyuan County, Inner Mongolia Province. These innocent practitioners have been continually subjected to unthinkable torture for the evil purpose of collecting bonuses from the government. The following examples describe a few of the many instances of torture and abuse in this labor camp.

Practitioner Zhao Lian refused to co-operate with the brainwashing class scheduled by the labor camp. The Director of the Education Department of the Labor Camp Bureau, Chai, together with the Wuyan Labor Camp Team 4 Leader, Wei, took practitioner Zhao to an office where he was threatened and subsequently beaten. Zhao was subjected to continuous shocks from an electric baton until he lost consciousness. Even then the torture did not cease, as they proceeded to pour cold water on him until he regained consciousness.

Around New Year's Day, practitioners Ma Yingju, Cao Guo and Cui Xiaojia were detained in the first, third and fourth teams respectively. They all suffered different kinds of persecution. Ma Yingju was subjected to brainwashing for more than twenty hours per day. During the brainwashing, they attempted to break his spirit by denying him any rest or sleep. Cui Xiaojia was forced to stand for over twenty hours every day. Practitioners were forced to endure torture and other severe forms of persecution for over ten consecutive days. The officials in the labor camp inflicted all kinds of torture on the practitioners for the malicious purpose of obtaining monetary rewards from the Government.

In February 2001, the labor camp arranged an "Exposing and Criticizing Meeting" to slander Falun Dafa. Chen Zhanguo and Ma Yingju stepped forward in the middle of the meeting to clarify the truth and validate Falun Dafa. They stated that Falun Dafa is good and is the law of the universe. These loyal and righteous practitioners were then subjected to particularly cruel punishments, including confinement in "small cells" (an extreme punishment which isolates and restricts a detainee in a small, dark, unsanitary cell. Detainees are not permitted to leave the cell for any purpose, including to use a bathroom). They were forced to remain in these inhumane conditions for several days and were cruelly tormented.

One day in April, Liang Baochi, a practitioner who was illegally detained in the third team, was stripped to the waist, handcuffed with his hands restrained behind his back, and then beaten and shocked with an electric baton by the police guards. This abuse was inflicted for no particular reason, except to possibly obtain a reward.

These criminal actions are being conducted under the guidance of Mu Jianfeng, Vice President of the Political and Judiciary Committee of Wuyuan Labor Camp. All of the practitioners kidnapped and detained in the labor camp have been tormented both physically and mentally for no reason other than that stated by Mu Jianfeng, "We have to beat and torture the practitioners; otherwise, we have no way to get the bonus from the government."

If the unjust abusers such as Mu Jianfeng and others in the labor camp continue to commit these crimes, they will receive punishment by the law and the heavenly principle that, "good will be rewarded with good and evil will be met with evil."