(Clearwisdom. net) á Xu Zhilian, female, was a 31-year-old teacher. She graduated from Chengdu Teacher's Institution at 19, and taught at Fuqin Elementary School before her murder. In October 1999, she was granted the "Outstanding Teacher" award, and within the same month, she won the Third Tier award at the National Language Teacher's Model Essay Competition. In 2000, she won the Award of Excellence at the Xinghua Cup Primary and Secondary School Teachers' Dissertation Contest held by the Xu Teli Educational Research Institute.á

On June 28, 2001 at around 11:30 p.m., two police vans from the Fuqin Police Station in Jinniu District, Chengdu City stopped outside the home of villager Liao Song. About six people rushed out of the vans, banged on Liao's door, and shouted, "Liao Song, give us several thousand Yuan!" Liao Song's mother came out and asked what was going on and one of the roughnecks showed her a police ID card. Suddenly, they rushed into Liao's home. One of them grabbed Liao Song. At the same time, Li Xiuying, a residential registration policewoman from the Fuqin Police Station asked a crying little girl about her mother Xu Zhilian's whereabouts. Suddenly, someone upstairs shouted, "She's over there!" Then the police ran toward a neighboring home and broke in after several violent strikes on the door. Xu (who was later murdered) had climbed into her neighbor's courtyard from her home and was huddled with the neighbor's wolfhound in a corner.á

Due to their long search, the police became crazed and infuriated. One policeman who had lost his mind aimed his gun at Xu. After it fired, instead of hitting Xu, the neighbor's dog was shot dead. Xu ran, and again several gunshots were heard. In that little courtyard, she fell into the hands of a group of thugs.á

In the yard, the police began savagely beating Xu by violently striking her stomach and the back of her head with their fists and gun handles. When they broke open the door, Liao Song dialed 110 (same as 911 in the US) and called a branch Police Supervision and Inspection Office.á

About 10 minutes later, a police van arrived at the neighbor's door. Xu was in a coma from the beating. Four people lifted her by her limbs and violently threw her into the van. They drove along the highway beside the moat. They stopped at the first intersection and pulled Xu out of the van as she had regained consciousness after all the torture.á

The police, who had completely lost their senses and rationality, again started cursing Xu and Dafa, beating and interrogating her. She did not respond. It was raining, the violence continued, and the cursing and beating did not stop. Even after 10 minutes and the police saw that Xu was motionless, they still continued to curse and beat her. Another 10 minutes passed and they finally stopped, perhaps because they were tired, or perhaps because they realized that Xu was already dead.á

In early morning of June 29, 2001, after 1 a.m., a police van arrived at the Provincial Hospital. Before long, the police carried Xu's body to the mortuary. They took off her nightgown because it was too horrifying for them, for it recorded all of their crimes: blood, perhaps even bullet holes. Li Xiuying, the policewoman, hurriedly burned the gown.á

Around 10 a.m. on June 29, Xu's body was transferred to the Consolation Clinic, part of the Central Hospital of the Second Railroad Bureau.á

On June 29 at 8 p.m., Xu's family finally got to see her body in the Clinic. At that time, the police had already put a hospital gown on her. Her face was very oily with no apparent wounds. There was blood in her nose, and three holes on the back of her head, still bleeding. The Fuqin Police Station did not allow the relatives to take her body for an autopsy.á

On the morning of June 30, Xu's relatives went to the Clinic to change her clothing. The back of her head was still bleeding. In the same afternoon, the cadres and personnel involved held a discussion about her death and funeral arrangements. Her family was informed that her body must be cremated within 3 days. In addition, the police refused to present the arrest warrant and Xu's death certificate.á

Since her family refused to sign a paper that expresses consent for cremation, employees from Xu's school (Guard Lu and Principal Zhang) signed it. On July 2, Xu's body was cremated under force at the Wenjiang Crematorium of Chengdu City. Her family was prohibited from holding a funeral.á

Xu Zhilian left us in such a mournful way. The malevolent police deprived another Dafa practitioner of her life. Heaven is horrified with this crime! The gods demand justice! Sources say that the two vicious policemen who beat Xu to death unexpectedly died soon after Xu. The details will be further investigated and reported. In July, Chengdu City encountered extremely hot weather, which happens once in a hundred years, and it lasted for more than half a month. Kind-hearted people, please wake up! Stop ignoring and being stonehearted to the persecution happening around you! The death of Xu Zhilian is a message from heaven, in hopes that your sleeping conscience can be awakened! In hopes that your prejudice and misunderstanding of Falun Dafa formed by Jiang Zemin's criminal group's evil lies can be corrected! If so, you can be saved! Again, we call out: Kind-hearted people, be awakened! Together, let's expose, oppose, and stop this evil persecution of Falun Gong!á

Here, we also want to send a serious warning to those villains who are still committing evil deeds, the retribution has begun, stop before it's too late!á