July 21, 2001

(Clearwisdom.net) An Zhenhai is a 34-years-old male Dafa practitioner who worked for the weather bureau of Longrao County, Xingtai City. His wife, Qi Xiangfen, is a teacher at the local vocational school. After obtaining Dafa in 1998, they benefited both spiritually and physically. However, they were sent to labor camps for appealing for Falun Gong. As their family members, we strongly demand their immediate release from Shijiazhuang Labor Camp and Handan Labor Camp.

After Jiang Zemin and his associates banned Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999, An Zhenhai and Qi Xiangfen went to Beijing to appeal. They were arrested and sent back to the detention center in Longrao County, where they were detained for more than 20 days. The policemen extorted 4,000 Yuan RMB (Chinese currency, the average monthly income of a worker in urban areas is about 500 Yuan RMB) for their release. After their release, the police often harassed them either in person or by calling them. On July 21, 2000, the couple went to visit their parents. Police officers from the Longrao Police Station and vocational school followed them to their parents' home and forcefully brought them back to the school, where several teachers watched the couple in turn until the end of the month.

Because An Zhenhai would not give up his beliefs, a police officer named Jin Pingzi forcefully took him away from his workplace on November 15, 2000. An Zhenhai escaped from the police station on the same night but did not go home. Meanwhile, the police went to search his home without a warrant. When they found nothing, the policemen threatened his wife, "We will arrest him immediately when he comes back."

To show people the truth of Falun Dafa, An Zhenhai again went to Beijing to appeal on December 19, 2000. He was cruelly tortured and beaten while detained in Beijing. After the Beijing police took pictures of him, the police in Xingtai City were able to identify him. They told us to pay the Longrao Police Station 4,000 Yuan to cover the costs for them to bring An back. We refused to pay, so the police took the money from the bank account of An Zhenhai's workplace. The actual cost of bringing him back could not have been more than a few hundred Yuan.

After An Zhenhai was brought back, his whereabouts were unknown. To validate Dafa and appeal for her husband, Qi Xiangfen went to appeal in Beijing on December 16, 2000. Right after she reached Tiananmen Square, some plain-clothes policemen pulled her into a police vehicle. She was then sent to Daxing Police Station, where she was forced to tell the policemen her name and address. After the authorities in Longrao were informed of her situation, they tried to extort 2,600 Yuan from us as the fee to bring her back. We refused again. While Qi Xiangfen was detained in Beijing, she realized that she should not allow them to keep her there. Immediately after her righteous thought appeared, her hands slipped out of the handcuffs. She walked out and went home by train.

After Qi Xiangfen arrived back in Longrao County, the police and the director of her school, Liu Qiulai, sent her to the Longrao Detention Center. Their reason was that Qi Xiangfen did not follow the "three cannot's" (cannot practice, cannot go to Beijing to appeal, cannot contact other practitioners). We requested many times to visit her, but officer Jin Pingzi refused our request. At that time, Qi Xiangfen had been on a hunger strike for 8 or 9 days, and we did not know whether or not she was still alive. Her parents worried very much about her and strongly requested to visit her, but the policemen pushed them out the door. Several days later, when we went again to the detention center to visit her, we were told that the couple had been sent to labor camps in Hebei Province. Qi Xiangfen was sent to Shijiazhuang Labor Camp, and An Zhenhai was sent to Handan Labor Camp. Just because they would not give up their cultivation of "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance," An Zhenhai and Qi Xiangfen were detained for more than two months beyond the detention limit and were then sent to labor camps. There were no charges against them and no legal procedures. As their family members, we know nothing about their situations, and we don't even know if they are still alive. When such wicked people are in power, where can we go to find justice?!

Consequently, the couple's 10-year-old child was left at home alone. The child had no choice but to live with his blind grandmother (An Zhenhai's mother) in her hometown. The illness of Qi Xiangfen's mother worsened after learning of what happened to her son and daughter-in-law. The child's welfare has also been significantly compromised.

Later after trying for a long time, we finally learned that Qi Xiangfen was detained in the fifth section of the Shijiazhuang Labor Camp. Her family was not allowed to visit her for nearly half a year. At the end of May, the labor camp officials informed her parents that she had been "transformed" and they could visit her. However, they did not allow her family members who are Falun Gong practitioners to visit her. They also forced her family members to curse Dafa and the Teacher before visiting her. During the thirty-minute visit, none of the family members were able to talk much, because the supervisor was standing there spouting propaganda the entire time.

In the labor camp, the guards tried to brainwash Dafa practitioners by denying them food and sleep. Four people took turns instilling their propaganda in her around the clock for more than twenty days. In the end, Qi Xiangfen could not endure it, so she wrote a statement to give up practicing Falun Gong. Under those circumstances, they should have released her, and her family members requested her release many times. But the guards said, "That won't work, we must consolidate her understanding for a period of time." They also said, "If we release her, some of her family members who practice Falun Gong could transform her back." They know that their tactics can only work temporarily, and in the end she will awaken and see through their lies.

According to their rules, a brainwashed practitioner is to be released after no more than three months. Qi Xiangfen was "brainwashed" on April 21, but she is still being detained. Clearly, this rule is worthless. When the police tortured steadfast practitioners, they once threatened, "Everyone must be transformed, or we will transform you by steaming you in a pressure cooker or frying you in a frying pan." The police tortured them in various ways, such as shocking them with electric batons, beating them with sticks, tying them up with strings so tightly that it cuts into their flesh, and hanging them up with handcuffs.

Here we strongly demand the immediately release our family members Qi Xiangfen, An Zhenghai, and all the other illegally detained Dafa practitioners! Immediately stop persecuting Falun Gong!

Provided by Qi Xiangfen and An Zhenghai's families.

List of the perpetrators

Longrao County Police Station of Hebei Province, switchboard: 86-319-6662240

Office of Politics & Security Department: 86-319-6662240-3056

Jin Pingzi from Office of Politics & Security Department, home phone: 86-319-6663251, Cell: 86-130-12132868

Feng Qunhai, in charge of the detention center, 86-319-6662240-3004

Liu Qiulai, Principal of Normal School of Longrao County, office phone: 86-319-6666186, 6663124

Secretary of Politics & Security Committee's office: 86- 319-6664017, 86-319-6666865

Address of Shijiazhuang Labor camp:

Beijiao Street 22

Zip code 050051

Switchboards: 86-311-7754007, 86-311-7752350, 86-311-7753569

Manager Zhao Yunlong, Wu Yuliang, and Director Wang Bingfang

Administration Section: 86-311-7754007-255

Chief Bai from First Section: 86-311-7754007- 319