(Clearwisdom.net) My husband is a Dafa practitioner from Japan. In 1993 when we were getting married, he told me that in one of his reincarnations he was a Buddhist monk in the Tang Dynasty, who met me in Japan and we cultivated together the whole life as teacher and student and as friends. I, however, have no memory of this. He started his cultivation in Dafa one year after I attained the Fa. Here I'd like to share his understanding and stories in cultivation.

Treasure the Predestined Relationship of Dafa Cultivation

I attained the Fa after reading reports in Taiwan about the "April 25" peaceful appeal in 1999. After I attained the Fa, he started to tell me that in history many people have instinctively realized that the human world was not their real home, but they could not find a genuine Master to guide them, and eventually could not attain the Tao. Seeing the great changes in me shortly after I started cultivation, he was shaken by the mighty virtue of Dafa and Teacher, and respected Dafa and Teacher wholeheartedly. After seeing the Falun emblem, he realized this was the shiny golden round thing he had been seeing from his childhood to middle school. Nonetheless, he didn't start to study the Fa or learn the exercises; instead, he told me to make diligent advancement in cultivation. I often told him the principles of Dafa and shared with him my understanding of the Fa and my cultivation experiences. Although he didn't come into the door of Dafa cultivation, he and I were learning and cultivating together under guidance of the Dafa principles.

About one year after I started cultivation, he started to read the book. One day he told me emotionally with tears in his eyes "Do you think that I don't want to obtain this Fa? But you don't know that once a person opens the book and reads Teacher's Fa, Teacher starts to endure for him. It is my own karma, how can I let Teacher endure for me? In history, cultivators had to pay back every bit of their karma by themselves. The reason why cultivators make progress so fast in Dafa is because Teacher Li endures for you. But I should pay back my own karma." I was rendered speechless upon hearing this from him, someone who was not yet a Dafa practitioner. I gained a better understanding on how to seriously treat my cultivation and cherish the predestined relationship of cultivating in Dafa. In addition, this allowed me to understand more why the old forces feel it unfair about Dafa disciples' cultivation and create all sorts of obstacles. Later my husband started to study the Fa because he broke through his initial thinking and realized that Teacher saving people is to let people obtain the Fa and return to their original true selves. I encouraged him to be a genuine Dafa disciple, he replied, however, that whether someone is a genuine disciple or not can only be determined by Teacher. He (my husband) does not acknowledge those students who casually claim themselves Dafa disciples; he thinks many only speak grandly.

High Level Beings Commit Crimes of Persecuting Dafa

He became more conscious during cultivation and realized that at the beginning he decided to come down here because he had found that things were not right in the level where he stayed in the universe. Other beings at the same level, however, did not believe this and many didn't come down. Several months ago these beings came to find him since they found that their living environment had been changed. They felt in danger, and asked him what had really happened. He explained to them Teacher's Fa rectification and told them to definitely believe it and not do anything unfavorable towards Dafa. He also urged them to spread the Fa to other beings and do it as soon as possible.

Shortly afterwards, when we were watching Teacher's Fa lecture videos, he told me that a large number of high level beings were standing behind him listening to the Fa with us. After finishing watching the video, we wanted to take a rest, but those beings didn't want to leave, and told him that they wanted to listen more. He said he had to go to work the next day and he could not stay up the whole night listening to the Fa. The following days he told me that more and more high level beings stood behind him, countless, they formed a boundless stretch, listening to the Fa. While listening some looked very pain-stricken and struggled, as if they sensed that they had done something wrong; some looked stupefied yet very desperate; some were listening calmly. Within a week, he surprisingly told me that many beings standing behind him had turned into stone statues, which looked no different from death; those who committed crimes against Dafa have positioned themselves and received their retribution.

Send Forth Righteous Thoughts to Eliminate the Evil

Even before he started the cultivation, he often told me experiences of eliminating demons. He said most of the demons just come to court death, who "died after seeing the light." He could eliminate three to four hundred per day. He would tell me the detailed numbers. I asked why he counted the number; he said most demons came in a long line, as if waiting in line to die. They carried a number board in their hands, so he knew clearly how many he eliminated each day. Sometimes however, a big demon came and he had to fight. He believes that in a certain dimension in the universe, eliminating demons was his duty, since he did it naturally and instinctively. When I told him about Teacher's new article that disciples sending forth righteous thoughts can assist Teacher to eliminate the evil, his personal understanding and experience was that, we shouldn't have any impure thoughts or fear while doing it; there is no need to think how to eliminate or how to be effective, just focus on eliminating the evil and recite Teacher's phrases, that will be incomparably powerful. As for the most vicious chieftain (chief demon), that being has died long ago and there's nothing worth saying.