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Li Xuechun, a 63 year-old, male, was a cadre of the Macheng City Light Industry Bureau. In 1999, Li went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa according to the permitted laws and consequently was arrested and detained illegally for more than 10 months. During the detention, this healthy old man with a ruddy complexion was tortured so severely that he became just skin and bones; even walking became extremely difficult for him. He was released for one month and had not yet recovered, when he was once again illegally arrested for distributing Dafa truth clarifying literature. In the Gulou Police Substation he was tortured on a bench for 36 hours [a torture method where the victim's legs are tied down to a bench while bricks are inserted under the tied legs, causing excruciating pain]. Six groups of police personnel took turns interrogating him. During the whole process, Li was not given any food and was not allowed to sleep. Facing the evil, this respected old man never yielded. When the police realized that they could get nowhere having used all means of torture, they illegally detained Li for a further three months. In December of 2000, after having suffered numerous brutal tortures, Li passed away.

One policeman of the Gulou Police Substation, while beating a female practitioner, shouted "Do you think we take you as human beings? We absolutely do not treat you as a human being. What big deal is it if you are dead? Your death is worth even less than the death of a pig or dog. A dead dog is worth tens of dollars, but your death is worth nothing. Li Xuechun is dead, what's the big deal? ..." The practitioner being beaten was in her sixties. The police were beating and kicking her while cursing until she passed out. They then poured cold water over her. As soon as she came to, they continued to kick and beat her with rubber batons. When she fell to the ground, the police pulled her up by her hair and smashed her head against the wall. The police left her body black and blue from the beating.

Every practitioner arrested by the Gulou Police Substation was subjected to savage torture. They were stripped of their clothes and shackled outside [where they were sunburned in the summer and frozen in the winter], then they were brutally beaten: their bodies were trampled upon by boots and burned with cigarettes; their eyes were smeared with tiger balm [Note: an analgesic ointment for sore muscles that burns the skin causing it to become very hot. Putting this in someone's eyes is extremely cruel and excruciatingly painful.] Some of these practitioners were sent to labor camps; some were sentenced to jail terms.

Not long ago, the Gulou Police Substation demolished the houses of two practitioners. Practitioner Hu Jianjun was sent to the labor camp by police, leaving his 10 year-old child unattended.

Here we admonish the police of the Gulou Police Substation, who have helped Jiang Zemin to do evil: Wake up! Stop persecuting Dafa practitioners, as you will soon receive retribution from heaven.

Names of the Criminals:

Police of Gulou Police Substation: Zou Xiangdong, Dai Yongxue, Lin Shousheng, Li Chengjian;

Director of Macheng Politics and Legislation Committee, Xu Shiqian, tel.: 86-713-2910330

Director of 610 Office, Chen Yuanliang, tel.: 86-713-2913191,

Director of Division One of Macheng Police Department, Yan Guishan;

Chair of Baiguo Township, Wang Yijie, tel.: 86-713-2917956

Co-Chair of Baiguo Township, Zheng Lixin, tel.: 86-713-2921616, 2921951;

Baiguo Town Government Office, tel.: 86-713-2625202

Sheriff of Baiguo Town Police Substation, Qiu Yuanqing, tel.: 86-713-2625210

Sheriff of Fuzi River Town Police Substation, Jin Zhihe, tel.: 86-713-2915260.

Reported by a practitioner in China